SLP Podcast Ep 39 – Articulation: 5 Ideas in 30 Minutes

February 15, 2021

This episode is the second edition of our 5 Ideas in 30 Minutes Series, where we discuss different topics that you can listen to on the fly! In round two, we discuss ideas for addressing articulation, including explicit teaching, gamifying the learning process, building a pacing board, and more.   

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We Discuss

  • Introduction to addressing articulation (00:56);
  • Idea #1: Explicitly Detailed Teaching (01:55);
  • Idea #2: The “Left, Right, Center” game (07:00);
  • Idea #3: Gamify the learning process (11:39);
  • Idea #4: Pop the Pig (17:57);
  • Idea #5: Build a pacing board (23:57);

About the Show

Produced by Jonathan Cary

Music and Editing by Aidan Dykes

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