Ep. 75 - Incorporating Diversity in Your Speech Therapy Practice - Shontaye Glover Jones MS, CCC-SLP

February 14, 2023

In this episode, we welcome Shontaye Glover Jones MS CCC-SLP/L, OM to talk about incorporating diversity into your speech therapy practice. We talk about how to find diverse materials, the power of books, helping kids feel seen, and more!

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction
  • (1:58) Shontaye’s Professional Journey
  • (16:13) Bringing Diversity into Materials Used in Therapy
  • (20:00) Tips for Incorporating Books into Speech Therapy
  • (25:30) What you can do with books
  • (29:54) How Shontaye Became an Author
  • (48:16) Helping Kids Feel Seen
  • (55:45) What’s Next for Shontaye

About Shontaye Glover Jones MS, CCC-SLP

Shontaye Glover Jones MS CCC-SLP/L, OM is an author, speaker, advocate, and certified speech-language pathologist. She founded Having Our Say to create a space where children and families would feel seen, valued, and heard. Shontaye is also the developer of The Equity Series, a professional development conference for special educators and speech-language pathologists addressing the needs of marginalized and minoritized individuals. Taye is committed to promoting language development through literacy and increasing diversity in kid lit and has workshops and lectures on this topic across the globe. Her debut picture book, “Liam’s First Cut” is a celebration of family, community, and neurodiversity as Liam, an autistic Black boy, prepares for his first visit to the barbershop. Her follow-up book, The Season of Yes is a jubilant tribute to summer in the city.

Where to Find Shontaye:

  • https://www.instagram.com/havingoursay/
  • https://tayejones.com
  • https://www.havingoursay.org
  • The Equity Series: https://www.bethebrightest.com/conferences/the-equity-series

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