Ep. 66 - Finding Purpose in Your Practice - Danielle Stoller PT, MSPT & Marabeth Quin of Expanded Practice

May 16, 2022

In this episode, we welcome Danielle Stoller and Marabeth Quin to learn how Expanded Practice helps you thrive in your therapy practice. We discuss how Danielle and Marabeth met, why they decided to start Expanded Practice, how therapists can combat burnout, and more!

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Introduction Shenanigans
  • (4:56) About Danielle Stoller & Marabeth Quin
  • (12:30) How did you decide to start Expanded Practice?
  • (15:40) Examples of things she saw Marabeth doing with Sophie
  • (22:40) What’s the idea behind Expanded Practice
  • (33:40) What do you say to a therapist experiencing burnout?
  • (41:05) What’s the process of starting the Expanded Practice program
  • (52:28) Expanded Practice Research
  • (57:14) How to learn more about Expanded Practice

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About Our Guests

Danielle received her master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Washington University in 2000, before continuing her specialized training in neurorehabilitation by becoming certified in Neuro-IFRAH® in 2007 and LSVT BIG® in 2017. She has also completed over 150 hours of advanced training in the Neuro-IFRAH® Approach including instructor training in 2013 with Waleed Al-Oboudi, MOT, OTR, originator of the Neuro-IFRAH® approach. Danielle has experience in the outpatient, inpatient, and acute care settings, working in the outpatient rehabilitation setting with a focus on the treatment of adults affected by stroke or brain injury since 2007. Danielle currently treats private clients in Nashville, TN. In addition, she collaborates with Neuro Therapy Nashville occupational therapist, Trista McClarnon, MS, OTR/L, and peer advisor Marabeth Quin to provide Intensive Therapy sessions to stroke survivors. Danielle has a strong interest in the way mindset influences performance and has assimilated researched based concepts of the benefits of positive expectation into her practice.

Marabeth came to teaching medical professionals through Expanded Practice not by way of a career path, but the path of life experience and love. In 2012, her 18-year-old daughter suffered a massive stroke, paralyzing her right side and leaving her unable to speak or understand language. As the primary caregiver, Marabeth approached her daughter’s recovery with an optimistic mindset and steady belief in her healing potential, personally experiencing the impact these can have on someone’s recovery. Over years of conversations with Danielle, her personal experience combined with Danielle’s clinical reasoning to create new perspectives for overlooked areas of influence in stroke recovery and healing in general. She has functioned in an advisory role for other caretakers in their journey with loved ones who have experienced a stroke, as well as spoken to medical students about the importance of medical staff imparting hope to families.

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