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New Grad Travel Therapy Jobs: Graduate and Hit the Road

New grad travel therapy jobs

by Sarah Stasik

You don't need experience to land a new grad travel therapy job, which means you can hit the road for adventure and career building right after you graduate.

To work for Med Travelers in a travel therapy position, you must meet some minimum requirements, which include:

  • - graduating from a U.S.-accredited healthcare program
  • - holding a valid certification or practice license
  • - having proof of your right to work in the United States

Able to check all those boxes? Check out the new grad travel therapy jobs and take the first step to apply for your new position and adventure.


Start working directly out of school with new grad travel therapy jobs

Med Travelers has positions for occupational and physical therapists, speech language pathologists and PT assistants, and you don't have to have an extensive career already. Travel jobs are a great way to get valuable experience while you break out of your comfort zone and enjoy new experiences.

7 Reasons to hit the road with new grad travel therapy jobs

  • 1. Work in exclusive facilities. Being willing to travel opens doors to exclusive opportunities and facilities you might not find in your home town.
  • 2. Get your housing covered. You may stay in corporate housing, which can include fully furnished apartments, suites or homes — and with the right position, you won't even have to cover rent or utilities. New grad travel therapy jobs let you spend time building your career and seeing the country and less time worrying about little details like renting a living space. Plus, since you're not tied down by a lease, you can move onto your next travel therapy position whenever you're ready.
  • 3. Make more money. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the median salary for physical therapists in the United States was $86,850, with those in home health and select fields tending to earn more. Travel physical therapists also tend to earn more, and the same is true for other therapy jobs. While you might not make the median or higher just out of school, travel jobs can help you boost your salary.
  • 4. Meet new people. Sue Menard, a former home health travel nurse, says that her favorite part of the job was meeting new people. "Not just patients, but coworkers and friends," she says. "I know people in almost every state, I think. I'm retired now, but I still travel because I have people to visit."
  • 5. See new cities. New grad travel therapy jobs let you visit new cities, which can help you decide where you might want to settle down with a permanent position later (if at all). Check out the story of a family of six who traveled together for dad's PT career to see how new grad travel therapy jobs can turn into a long-term lifestyle.
  • 6. Enjoy new experiences. You don't just get to see new places: you get to have new experiences during your downtime. A travel PT job in Denver means hiking in the Rockies, a travel OT gig in New Orleans means trying Creole cuisine and any travel job that gets you close to a metro area like Manhattan opens your world to a wealth of theater or nightlife.
  • 7. Travel with a co-graduate. And you don't have to do all this alone. You can even travel with a co-graduate who lands a position in the same city.

New grad travel therapy jobs aren't just a way to bolster your resume. They're a way to launch your post-college life with a bang.


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