Clinical Fellowship Program

Launch Your SLP Career with a Rewarding Clinical Fellowship

Our Clinical Fellowship Program (CFY) offers a dedicated Clinical Fellow (CF) Mentor, plus multiple layers of support so an SLP can excel in their first year on the job. Med Travelers places hundreds of SLP CFs in jobs across the nation. 

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What Our CFY Program Offers


A CF Job in the location of your choosing, for the duration of your Clinical Fellowship Year (approximately 9 months)

Dedicated CFY Mentor

A Dedicated CFY Mentor who has been vetted and has the time to dedicate to your growth as a Clinician

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Multi-Layered Support Team

A Multi-Layered Support team that has your back every step of the way

Leading Benefits

Industry Leading Benefits built for Clinical Fellows (read more below)

Take advantage of all of the benefits that come with Travel Therapy, while experiencing a highly rewarding CFY.

CF - Premier Districts

Clinicians asked – we've listened! You’ll be ready to kickstart your SLP career with confidence and support through our CF-Premier District Program. We’ve partnered with school districts nationwide to offer an environment supportive of learning and growth for your Clinical Fellowship experience—manageable caseload size and workload oversight, a service maximum of two schools, a dedicated onsite contact and team of SLPs, and job offers BEFORE you graduate—each supporting your seamless transition from the classroom to the field.

A Clinical Fellow Mentorship Experience Unlike Any Other

We provide all of our CFs with one, dedicated CCC-SLP mentor who has been vetted and onboarded to ensure they have the most updated skills and requirements to be a mentor.

Learn more in this video.

Layers of Support

When you work with Med Travelers a CF, you are never alone. In fact, you will have access to a team of people who are dedicated to your success and multiple layers of support.


  1. Recruiter: Your personal recruiter will be your day-to-day point person for everything from your job contract, benefits and over questions about travel.
  2. Onsite Support: Potential onsite support includes lead therapists, Special Education team members etc.
  3. CF Mentor: A dedicated CCC-SLP supervisor who makes you a priority and encourages you to grow.
  4. Med Travelers Clinical Team: Our on-staff Clinical Team of SLPs are always available to help with Clinical questions and even do monthly team meetings on various SLP related topics.

Unmatched SLP Clinical Fellow Benefits

Professional Association Reimbursement

Up to $750 yearly for fees to be a member of your professional association or national organization.


Certificate of Clinical Competence and State License Reimbursement

Free CEUs

Free and Unlimited CEUs, including extensive medical-based curriculum

Medical Certificate Reimbursement

Choose one medical certificate from either Dementia, MBSImP, FEES, or LSVT

Health Benefits

Day 1 Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

401k Retirement

Get Life and Professional Liability insurance, too!

Tools For Success

State Licensing Tool Kit

Our SLP & CF State Licensing Tool Kit provides detailed information regarding steps to successfully obtain your SLP license, as well as obtain an educator certification if needed, in time for the school year! This kit is specific to the states with the highest openings for SLP and CF school opportunities.

Within this kit, you will find:

  • State license and educator’s certification requirements along with processing times
  • Information on how to apply for an Ed Certification in tandem with a state license
  • Information on if one can start an assignment with a pending education cert
  • Fingerprint steps needed that may be separate from the state license fingerprints
  • Links to each states application website to start your application

*Note: State licensing and educator certification processing times could differ depending on time of year and if any expedited approvals may be allowed for a certain state.      

Click here to download our SLP & CF State Licensing Kit

CFY Program FAQs

Can I pick where I go for my CFY travel assignment?

Yes, absolutely! You pick where you go for an assignment. You’ll connect with one of our recruiters and tell them all your preferences. The main three preferences most people have are: location, setting and pay. Your recruiter will tell you all the jobs that are available that match your criteria and you can decide which options to pursue. Together, you will build a game plan to ensure you are working towards your long-term goals while also not limiting you to excellent opportunities.

How does the pay compare to national averages?

Generally, allied travel take-home pay can be upwards of 20% more than permanent positions due to the non-taxable income. Salary can vary by geographic region as well.  Your recruiter will be able to give you a more specific pay range for Clinical Fellow Year assignments in your locations of interest. 

How early should I apply for Med Travelers CFY Program?

We suggest applying towards the end of your first semester of your second year of graduate school.  This gives you time to speak with your recruiter about your goals and they can make sure you get your files ready to submit for jobs that match your criteria.

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