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Travel Talk: The Value of Teamwork

December 2, 2014

Posted by Xai

In our latest edition of Travel Talk, we’re sharing a post from one of our OT travelers, Kayla Layner’s blog, See Ya, LaynerShe talks about teamwork and the importance of having a supportive recruiter. Enjoy and be sure to check out Kayla’s blog to keep up with her adventures as a travel occupational therapist! 

Throughout the past month, I have really gotten the opportunity to understand the value of teamwork. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of individuals who are only interested in their own personal gain and well being. Until you have truly experienced an interdisciplinary team that works seamlessly together, you may never truly understand the meaning of teamwork.

After only 2 days at a facility in Virginia Beach, I was given a 2 weeks notice due to the fact that the facility had filled the position with a permanent employee (who just so happens to be my VB BFF!). If you know me at all, you should know that I like to plan, and this new information was sure to give me some anxiety! This is definitely an occurrence that happens quite often in the travel world due to the fact that travel positions are temporary, however I do not think that I was prepared for it!

Thankfully, I have the worlds best recruiter! Y’all are probably sick and tired of hearing about her. I’m really not pulling your leg when I say that she falls nothing short of being completely phenomenal! I learned a lot about the way the travel world works, and that the team that I had fighting for me behind the scenes was a great one! Within one week following my notice I had a job interview and an offer to start the day after my initial contract was supposed to end. Wow! Now that, my friends, is teamwork!

The unfortunate part of this new offer was that I would be required to drive a minimum of 50 minutes to and from work every day… what a bummer! I can honestly say, I did not want this job for the simple fact that I would have to wake up before 7am! (Obviously not a morning person!)

Little did I know that I would be walking into an AMAZING facility! A facility that I have the ability to have an impact on, and also a facility that undoubtedly knows what teamwork should really look like! This team amazes me every day. Everyone works together so seamlessly and they truly care about their patients. The environment is infectious, in the best possible way!

There are so many benefits to having an interdisciplinary team that works so incredibly well together. Not only is it amazing for the residents and their well being, but it creates a wonderful, positive atmosphere to work in.

I guess driving an hour to work everyday is a small price to pay for having an awesome job and living in a great area! I’ll take it!

Contact Amy or me if you are interested in joining the travel world or if you just have some questions! We would be happy to help! abarnes@advanced-medical.netor kaylalayner@yahoo.com

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