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California Dreamin’ as a Histotechnician

Histotechnician California

California Dreamin’ as a Histotechnician

Histotechnician Wendy had a taste of California life before getting her first assignment from Med Travelers. So when she decided to become a traveler, she didn't hesitate: her first stop was the city of Berkeley, one of the most diverse and scenic locations in Northern California.

But before heading out west for the first time, Wendy started her healthcare career in San Antonio, Texas, working in a dermatology office as a transcriptionist for a pathologist. While there, she discovered histology and was fascinated by the discipline. She decided to go to school in San Antonio to become a histotechnician.

Upon graduation, Wendy took a full-time laboratory job in Aliso Viejo, California, one of Orange County's burgeoning cities for young professionals. Approximately 14 months after being on the job, Wendy received a call from her prior boss in San Antonia. She was starting her own lab and was hoping that Wendy would come back home to help her.

Wendy went back and completed her tasks in about four months.

“Everything was settled in San Antonio,” Wendy said. “That’s when I decided to try traveling. It was something I always wanted to do but never had the time to explore.”

Traveling back west

Wendy first heard about traveling while attending school in Texas. It was something she thought would be exciting to try someday. She had also encountered four travel techs at the lab in Aliso Viejo, who spoke very highly of traveling.

So traveling it would be — with her first assignment in Northern California.

Wendy had the opportunity to explore the Bay Area while living and working in Orange County.

"I really love Northern California," she said. "I once went to San Francisco for the weekend. After that weekend I thought, 'This is perfect. I will have to come back here."

Unlike the hot Texas weather, Wendy found the climate in Northern California more tolerable. And working in Berkeley puts her in a great location to enjoy world-class attractions, fabulous restaurants, miles of famous coastline, wine country and so much more.

In fact, Wendy’s sister will be visiting her for the summer, and Wendy is creating a list of things to do, which include visiting the Monterey Aquarium and walking the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

After this assignment, Wendy plans to continue traveling and exploring. There’s still a lot to see in the Golden State, but Florida, Boston, Colorado and Arizona are also on her list. Ultimately, she sees herself settling down and buying a house in Orange County, California.

Aside from her desire to travel, Wendy said she also enjoys the high pay and learning different ways to do her job. For example, while in San Antonia, she used a manual microtome. But after getting to California, she experienced automated microtomes for the first time, which she said is a game changer for her profession.

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