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School-Based Therapy Jobs: New Year Contracts Now Staffing

School-based therapy jobs

By Tiffany Aller

Allied health professionals can find challenging and rewarding positions in industries and settings outside typical medical locations. Occupational, physical and speech therapists can achieve the next level of success in their career through school-based therapy jobs.

The hours and days required by practitioners in those types of jobs can be conducive to pursuing personal interests during non-work hours or balancing career aims and other responsibilities. Schools hire all year long, and now is a particularly good time to apply for open positions that need to be staffed before the new year.

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Pursue plentiful school-based therapy jobs for allied health professionals

The labor outlook for healthcare in general and allied health professions in particular is very strong. Career growth is expected to be 18 percent over the next 10 years for speech therapists, 24 percent for occupational therapists and 28 percent for physical therapists.

With that expansion, schools will see the addition of many types of therapy professionals; for instance, 10 percent of OTs already work in the school system. Take advantage of the growth in this career and its related job market and look for the right position to begin in the new year.

Become a valued part of a student’s educational team

The American Occupational Therapy Association calls school-based therapists “key contributors within the education team.” Through the services they provide, occupational therapists who work inside a school “support academic and non-academic outcomes,” including socializing, mastery of basic reading and math skills, behavior modulation and participation in physical activities. Likewise, speech and physical therapists are valuable additions to the school environment, where they can provide assistance learning or relearning key skills necessary to achieve academic and personal success.

Embrace travel-fueled therapy jobs

Allied healthcare careerists can pursue school-based therapy jobs in various ways, including applying for permanent position at schools in targeted locations or undertaking short-term travel therapy work in another part of the country.

Travel therapy jobs can be very lucrative, with salaries typically higher than static long-term positions, plus they come with additional benefits like per diem pay, housing stipends and travel support. Travel therapy jobs can also help you escape winter. All the while, you’ll be reaping school system benefits like weekends, holidays and summers off, a diverse and dynamic environment and exposure to continuous learning opportunities.

Whether you’re a new allied health professional or a seasoned professional checking out opportunities for career enhancement through travel assignments, get started today applying and interviewing for jobs that begin in the new year.

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