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Benefits of School-based Therapy Jobs

school therapy jobs

By Kris Lamey

Besides the intrinsic value of helping kids and educators, school-based therapy jobs offer several other perks. Knowing you helped a child learn how to speak properly, influenced their career path or helped them reach their full social and academic potential is immensely gratifying. And there's the matter of getting holidays and summers off.


4 benefits of school-based therapy jobs

The benefits of school-based therapy jobs include high job availability, a dynamic work environment in which you're always learning and holidays and weekends off.

1. Job availability

Most industries don't deliver job security and availability to their employees. However, school-based therapy jobs provide a ready source of employment for new graduates or those looking to make a career change. School guidance counselors, speech therapists and other specialists enjoy a growing job market, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In fact, this sector may increase up to 34 percent by 2024 per BLS projections.

2. Dynamic work environment

If you're like most people, you don't want to get stuck in a monotonous career. People crave change and seek out opportunities to surround themselves with positivity. This is easily found in school-based therapy jobs, such as speech and language therapy, counseling, occupational therapy and other positions. Working in a school gives you exposure to a variety of personalities, cultures and languages. This dynamic work environment energizes you and lets you experience new things every day.

3. Holidays off

It's nice to have holidays off, especially if you have kids of your own. An overlooked aspect of school-based therapy jobs is the glorious amount of vacation time. School-based therapists like speech pathologists or guidance counselors often get summers and holidays off alongside the kids they serve. This is important because helping kids is a high-maintenance industry, albeit a rewarding one. You need time to decompress and recharge after a busy school year with emotionally charged teens or pre-teens. Having a school-based therapy job gives you that flexibility.

4. You’re always learning

School-based therapy jobs let you engage with students from all kinds of backgrounds. Many of them come to you for guidance and help in solving a problem. Each individual has unique problems to cope with, but they also teach you a new perspective. As a therapist, you're constantly looking for new approaches to help kids. In the process, you become astute in thinking on your feet to solve problems.

Perhaps you're in an SLP job helping a teen overcome a language challenge, or maybe you’re a physical therapist helping a child learn basic motor skills. Whatever school-based therapy job you take, conquering these challenges adds a new dimension to your skillset, making you a valuable commodity in the job market.


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