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State Spotlight: PT Travel Jobs in Washington State

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State Spotlight: PT Travel Jobs in Washington State

By Tiffany Aller

When you become a traveling healthcare professional, you can accept contracts nearly anywhere in the country. That opportunity makes it possible to explore locations you’ve never been and revisit areas you love. Washington should be a strong contender on your list of possible places to work.

When you consider PT travel jobs in Washington, you’ll have the opportunity to earn up to $45.99 per hour. And you’ll get to work in a location that features beautiful scenery, desirable year-round temperatures and the seat of coffee culture in Seattle.

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The Evergreen State

Washington’s nickname refers to the fact that the entire state is covered with lush green spaces including national parks, state parks, the Cascades mountain range, Mt. St. Helens and urban-based cultivated parks. Washington is also the country’s front-runner in green technologies and methodologies. Seattle is an award-winning STAR Community, recognized as the most sustainable city in the nation. Your love for your career and passion for the environment can intersect when you pursue PT travel jobs in Washington.

Keep more of your income in Washington

Filing taxes when you work as a traveling allied health professional can be a tricky balance of knowing what tax forms to file in which states for how large of an amount owed. One of the perks for PT travel jobs in Washington is that the Evergreen state does not charge income tax. Depending on how or where you declare your home state for taxing purposes, you may still owe money in another jurisdiction. In Washington, however, you can keep a larger portion of your pay by not owing the state a single dime.

Work and access the highest quality healthcare

The state of Washington is second only to Hawaii for the best healthcare in the United States. When you travel to Washington for PT job contracts, you’ll have the opportunity to work in some of the top-ranked hospitals and medical centers and have access to best-in-class care for your own health needs. The state’s best facilities include nationally ranked centers as well as many awarded with the U.S. News “high performing” designation.

Get started exploring options for PT travel jobs in Washington today so you can reap all the rewards of living and continuing your career in the Evergreen state.

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