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Physical Therapy Job Outlook for 2019

Physical Therapy job outlook

Physical Therapy Job Outlook for 2019

By Tiffany Aller

The healthcare industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds, with high job growth anticipated over the next decade. The job outlook for physical therapy positions is one of the most positive in the industry, with physical therapy work in high demand in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools and in-home and private practice settings. Physical therapy jobs in the travel healthcare vertical offer many opportunities as well for practitioners to bring their much-needed talents to harder-to-fill positions throughout the country.

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Physical Therapy Job Growth and Demand

U.S. News rates physical therapy jobs as an 8 out of 10 on the job market scorecard, indicating the strong need for physical therapists throughout the country as well as showing job seekers the breadth of opportunities available. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 239,800 physical therapists were employed throughout the United States as of 2016, with the addition of 67,100 jobs anticipated before 2026. This 28 percent job growth is partially attributed to the growing demand for therapy services as baby boomers age. In addition, the demand for more physical therapists is driven by services provided to help individuals who have mobility issues or suffer from diabetes and obesity. The growing reliance on new medical technology that aids in rehabilitation will also provide additional concentrations in which physical therapists can practice.

Growing Salary Levels for Physical Therapists

As of 2017, the median pay per year for physical therapists was $86,850. Although this figure varies widely depending on the setting in which a therapist works, overall salaries are expected to rise as demand grows, particularly for therapists trained in advance technology and practices. Physical therapists who remain abreast of advances in practices, complete higher-level continuing education and continue their learning with advanced degrees are best positioned to serve their patients while increasing their earnings potential. Additionally, therapists who take advantage of cross-state licensure through the Physical Therapy Compact remain more marketable for permanent positions as well as ready to fill travel therapy jobs. As more states join in the PT Compact, therapists will find their opportunities greatly widening.

Growth in Travel Physical Therapy Jobs

Travel physical therapy jobs fill the need in practices and locations underserved by a lack of trained therapists in particular geographic regions. These contract jobs, which range from several weeks to several months in length, ensure that patients in those areas have the same access to necessary rehabilitation and recovery services as other regions in the country. Physical therapists can hone their skills by accepting different travel therapy jobs for exposure to different settings and therapeutic needs. Therapists can also take advantage of the opportunity to visit new locations and enjoy their travels around the country throughout various assignments. Travel physical therapy jobs offer generous pay, comprehensive benefits and stipends for both housing and travel.

The physical therapy job outlook for 2019 is strong and stable. This enables therapists to advance their careers, build their skill sets and maximize their income, all while taking permanent or travel jobs best suited to their individual desires and specialized learning. Take advantage of learning opportunities, expand your licensure reach through the PT Compact, get your resume ready and you’ll be set for your next physical therapy adventure.

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