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New Grad Proves Traveling Not Just for Experienced Professionals

Physical therapist finds love for travel

By Joe Duffy, Contributor

Med Travelers physical therapist (PT) Stephanie Conti developed an interest in traveling during her final days of PT school.

A visiting speaker, a limited job market in Kansas City and a love for traveling helped nudge Stephanie and a fellow student, Keely, to go on the adventure together.

“I went to PT school thinking I was only going to be a pediatric physical therapist, and I would never work with adults, but the market was limited for pediatric jobs,” she said. “So I partly went into traveling to broaden my horizons, and get a feel for a different setting, and that's exactly what it’s done for me.”

Since her first assignment, her interest in traveling as a PT snowballed. She’s had nine assignments, of which only two have been pediatric jobs, but the bright side, she said, is that traveling lets her explore other opportunities. Three years later, Stephanie is coming to the end of a cherished position at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, where she works 40 hours per week fulfilling her passion of working with children.

“I never thought that I would be traveling three years later, but I've had such awesome travel assignments and experiences — and the thrill of it and the good outcomes — that is what kept me going,” she said.

When asked about the benefits she’s received as a traveler, Stephanie said her biggest takeaway has been meeting amazing people, from co-workers to patients — relationships, she said, she made because of traveling.

Another relationship she’s very thankful for is her Med Traveler recruiter, Mark Lozano.

“Before I worked with Med Travelers, I had worked with two other travel companies, and I just didn't feel as though my recruiter always had my best interest in mind,” she said. “Then somebody referred me to Mark. I think that the trust and the communication with your recruiter makes all the difference. It can make a difference between you loving traveling and finding that traveling is maybe not for you. They are your biggest advocate and they need to be realistic with you and my recruiter has my back in any situation. Mark works hard for me and most of the time I feel like I'm his only traveler. I forget that he works with other people because he answers every email, every text, and he's always in contact with me.”

As Stephanie’s current traveler assignment winds down, she is hoping for another position working with kids. She does entertain the idea of someday going full-time, but she said what’s made her hesitant is her student loans.

“Making a little bit more money as a traveler is very nice,” she said. “I feel confident and comfortable being able to put it toward repaying my loans.” Finally, Stephanie has certainly paid her experience forward. Knowing through her own experiences that new grads may be hesitant in considering traveling, she spoke at a nearby school in Dallas to let new grads know that traveling has given her more opportunities than she would have had in her short but thriving career. READY to get started as a traveler? Visit Med Travelers and our recruitment team will help get you on your way!


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