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Four New Cities for Traveling Physical Therapists to Consider

Traveling PTs should consider Valdez, Alaska


Four New Cities for Traveling Physical Therapists to Consider

By Lee Soren, contributor

Although big cities such as Chicago, San Francisco and Manhattan are obvious choices for traveling physical therapists looking to find great assignments, smaller cities have benefits, too. If you're looking for an exciting destination to call home on your next assignment, here are four great cities that you may have overlooked.

1. Valdez, Alaska

If you're searching for a destination that's off the beaten path, you might want to check out Valdez. Located at the northeastern edge of the Prince William Sound and surrounded by majestic mountains, this small city is unmatched in its rugged beauty. PTs accepting an assignment in Valdez can enjoy its many outdoor activities, including glacier tours, kayaking and winter sports such as ice climbing and snowshoeing. Prince William Sound is also known for fishing, and fishermen of all levels can reel in salmon, rockfish and giant halibut. During winter months, traveling PTs may also be lucky enough to glimpse the colorful Northern Lights.

Alaska is also one of the highest paying states for physical therapists, according to numbers published by the BLS, and PTs on temporary assignment in Valdez can expect to make between $1,644 and $1,789 weekly, based on a 40-hour work schedule.

2. San Rafael, California

From its natural beauty to its mild year-round climate, San Rafael makes a great destination for physical therapists who want a taste of the good life. Downtown San Rafael is a state-designated cultural district thanks to its many arts organizations and a full calendar of art- and culture-related events. PTs who take on a travel assignment in this region can take advantage of big-city amenities in San Francisco and enjoy trips to nearby Napa and Sonoma vineyards.

Although the cost of living in San Rafael is more than twice the national average, traveling physical therapists can benefit from complimentary, company-arranged housing, making it affordable to live within city limits. Salaries for short-term assignments in San Rafael range up to $1,850 per week, depending on the facility.

Providence, RI, is another great option for traveling PTs

3. Providence, Rhode Island

For traveling physical therapists who want to experience a traditional New England lifestyle, there's no place quite like Providence. The city has a relaxed coastal lifestyle while offering all the amenities of a state capital. For PTs who want to spend days off at the beach, the city is just a short drive from the seashore, and during summer months, sea breezes blowing in off the Atlantic keep the days from getting uncomfortable.

Because of the city's diverse selection of restaurants and famous, fresh-caught seafood, Sperling's BestPlaces ranks Providence as one of the nation's best places for foodies. This historic city also has a vibrant arts scene, plenty of live music and a bustling downtown with lots of opportunities for shopping.

If you're concerned with monetary benefits, short-term PT jobs in and around Providence can be lucrative. Salaries range to upwards of $1,800 per week depending on the facility and type of assignment.

4. Hilo, Hawaii

Hawaii is a bucket-list destination for many travelers, and Hilo is an ideal city for traveling physical therapists hoping to find an assignment in a romantic tropical-vacation setting. Located on the big island of Hawaii, Hilo is representative of all the state has to offer. Visiting PTs will find colorful gardens, breathtaking waterfalls and lush rainforests. The city is also home to the Imiloa Astronomy Center and is only a 45-minute drive from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Hawaii is also one of the higher-paying states for traveling physical therapists. PTs taking an assignment in Hilo can expect to make up to $1,780 each week, although salaries can vary widely by assignment and facility.

The benefits of being a travel physical therapist no matter what city you choose

Although the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that full-time PTs make an average of $42.73 hourly, traveling physical therapists who accept assignments in high-demand areas of the country have the potential of making up to $47 per hour. But higher salaries and other monetary perks aren't the only benefits of accepting a traveling PT job, and it's worth exploring the potential for learning, growth and experiences in cities of all sizes before accepting a position.

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