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Warm States for Winter With Allied Travel Jobs: Where to Escape the Cold

Allied Travel Jobs

by Alana Luna

Every winter, some 5 percent of adults in the United States experience seasonal depression, but you don’t have to be clinically diagnosed to know you feel better when the weather is warmer.

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5 warm states for escaping winter weather with allied travel jobs

For travel therapists and other allied healthcare providers hoping to avoid snow and enjoy outdoor living year-round, finding professional opportunities in southern states is a dream come true. Here are five places to look.

1. Florida

The Sunshine State is blessed with mild winters. Low temperatures in Miami average a balmy 60 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and snowfall is practically nonexistent. Healthcare professionals with a day off from work can enjoy the state’s numerous outdoor activities, ranging from an outing at the historic Dry Tortugas National Park to holiday fun at Pensacola Winterfest.

2. Hawaii

Winter hardly phases locals in Hawaii. Temperatures never fall far enough to keep surfers away from the waves, and there’s always whale watching or special events like the annual Kona Coffee Cultural Festival to help keep you busy between shifts.

3. Arizona

In Phoenix, Arizona’s capital city, winter temperatures average a still-comfortable 46 degrees Fahrenheit on the low end and highs around 67. Those are perfect conditions for taking advantage of all this desert oasis has to offer, including ZooLights, a holiday-themed extravaganza at the Phoenix Zoo, tons of hiking trails and even a ski resort if you find yourself missing the slopes.

4. South Carolina

Snag an allied travel job in South Carolina and enjoy coastal living all winter thanks to average temperatures that sit well above freezing. Though upstate temperatures get a little cooler, the chance to go ice skating on Main Street in Greenville or gasp in wonder at the lush plant life at Brookgreen Gardens more than makes up for the occasional chilly excursion.

5. California

The state of California is nearly 800 miles from top to bottom, providing a diverse array of climates and microclimates depending on where your allied travel job takes you. Settle in the north for cooler temps, or head south and revel in warm winters spent sipping microbrews by the beach, strolling through vineyards and enjoying the farmers markets and boardwalk games that stay open all season long.

If shoveling snow and de-icing your car on a daily basis makes you dread winter before summer has even reached its peak, it may be time to pick up stakes and head south. Sunny climes and career-making opportunities with allied travel jobs at Med Travelers are just a click away.


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