Ep. 47 – Next Stop: Travel Therapy in Washington - Stephanie Camper, PT, DPT

October 4, 2021

On this edition of Next Stop, we head up to the Pacific Northwest to talk about Washington. Special guest, Stephanie Camper, PT, DPT, brought us through the beginning of her travel journey, stopping in Washington to discuss amazing outdoor activities to do there, must-see spots, exploring Seattle, and more. 

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Show introduction and Stephanie’s career background
  • (4:30) Learning how to make effective travel arrangements on the go
  • (7:22) Putting in notice during a travel assignment
  • (10:22) Stephanie’s travel experience in New Mexico and Texas
  • (14:50) Deciding to travel in Washington  
  • (17:18) The culture in Washington
  • (19:34) Outdoor activities in Washington
  • (24:49) Must-See spots in Washington
  • (28:29) Washington packing essentials
  • (30:54) Exploring Seattle, WA
  • (33:10) Getting involved in the Washington community
  • (37:05) Washington eats and drinks
  • (40:47) Parting advice for future Washington travelers

About Stephanie Camper, PT, DPT

Stephanie is a solo travel PT currently living in Moses Lake, WA. She is originally from Illinois and has been a traveler for just under a year. She has taken assignments in New Mexico, Texas, and Washington so far, and hopes to get up to Alaska next summer. She spends most of her time getting outside to hike, camp, fish, or hunt and loves getting involved in the towns she moves to.

About the Show

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