I Need (Travel) Therapy Ep 34 -The Front Lines of COVID-19: An RRT’s Perspective – Rachel Facunla, RRT

March 22, 2021

In this episode, we got a serious peek behind the curtain of life on the front lines of COVID-19 when we spoke with a very special guest, Rachel Facunla, RRT, about her experience traveling during the critical periods of the pandemic. In her candid account, Rachel shared her perspective on beginning her travel RT career during the pandemic, working on a COVID Crisis Unit, the inspiration to create her YouTube channel, TheRachelProject, and more.

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We Discuss

  • An introduction to Rachel and her RT career path (00:46);
  • Starting travel as a COVID Crisis RRT (08:48);
  • A typical day of work in a COVID unit (16:38);
  • Getting inspired to create a YouTube channel (22:41);
  • Dealing with burnout as a travel RT (26:49);
  • Challenges and highlights of transitioning from perm to travel therapy (31:42);
  • Advice for soon-to-be graduates about starting their RT careers (34:58);

About Rachel Facunla, RRT

Rachel is an RRT who has spent most of her travel career working on a COVID Crisis Unit during the throes of the pandemic. Born and raised in Texas, Rachel was able to provide critical help to small towns around the state when cases were at their worst. Outside of working in Texas, Rachel has also worked an assignment in Santa Barbara, CA. Inspired by her work, Rachel created a YouTube channel, TheRachelProject, that is dedicated to sharing her experience as a travel RT and help inform other RTs who are beginning their careers.

To follow Rachel’s life as an RT on the move, check out her Instagram and subscribe to TheRachelProject

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