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Allied Health Disciplines

Career Choices: Allied Healthcare Disciplines

No matter what allied healthcare discipline you work in, your skills are in demand. From physical therapy and occupational therapy jobs to speech-language pathologist and medical technologist jobs, in acute care and rehab hospitals, outpatient clinics, home care, schools, and long-term care facilities, Med Travelers offers a rich variety of employment opportunities for all allied health professional disciplines in all 50 states. Choose your discipline below to get started.

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Allied Healthcare Career Information

Cardiovascular Technologist (Cath Lab Tech) Jobs

Cardiovascular tech jobs are at the "heart" of patient care, assisting other healthcare professionals in the diagnosis and treatment protocols required to help patients with cardiac or vascular conditions. At Med Travelers, we have a variety of allied travel jobs for our travelers to choose from, including the following popular cardiovascular tech specialty jobs.

However, don't hesitate to reach out here. if you don't see your specific cardiovascular specialty here. With the relationships we have built with the most respected healthcare providers in the nation, we can help you find positions in any type of cardiovascular tech specialty. In addition, you can get immediate answers to your questions by speaking with an experienced allied travel recruiter regarding new cardiovascular tech jobs by calling (800) 788-4815.

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Cath Lab RN Jobs

Cath lab RNs are advanced-level nurses who work with doctors and technicians to administer procedures such as cardiac catheterizations and angioplasties.

Histotechnician (HT) Jobs

Histotechnicians (HTs) work as members of laboratory teams, utilizing histologic technology to assist in the conducting of research and diagnosis of diseases by analyzing tissue samples.

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