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Allied Staffing Recruiter Appreciating the Here and Now

Recruitment manager finds happiness in family and helping others find the best allied health careers

By Joan Fox Rose, MA, RN, contributor

“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather recognizing and appreciating what we do.” - Frederick Keonig

Marissa Revland does her best to live by her favorite quote, and as a wife, mother, new homeowner and senior recruitment manager for Med Travelers, she has a lot to appreciate.

For the last seven years, Revland has worked with Med Travelers, an AMN Healthcare company that leads the allied staffing industry in matching travel therapists, imaging professionals and clinical lab professionals with jobs across the country. She has worked as both a marketer and a recruiter, and especially enjoys her personal interactions with her travel healthcare professionals.

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“[People] are an important aspect of my job; the people I work with and the travelers I find jobs for,” she said. “I help to place travel therapists and assistants in jobs that are important to their careers and increase their credibility as therapists. I work with hospital clients to find candidates who best meet their job expectations.”

“I know 85 percent of the travelers I’ve worked with both professionally and personally and they keep in touch with me. I’ve attended their weddings and visited them when they added a new baby to the family.”

Travel dreams and favorite pastimes

One of the most popular areas of the country for travel healthcare professionals is one that Revland would also like to visit for herself.

“If I were a travel therapist, I’d choose San Francisco as my first assignment,” Revland said. “I’ve never been to California and I’ve seen photos of San Francisco and the scenery is beautiful. San Francisco has great restaurants and they say you can get seafood off the bay.”

Revland was once interested in becoming a sommelier, and would love the chance to see the area’s world-class vineyards in nearby Napa and Sonoma counties. “I’d like to see them for myself to gain more of a perspective about wines,” she said.

Back home in Dallas, Revland enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not working at her allied staffing job.  She also enjoys watching football games, reading literary works, writing and singing karaoke. “I’ve been singing karaoke for 10 years and it allows me to sing and that makes me happy,” she said.  Her favorite songs to perform are by Carrie Underwood, Evanescence, Jewel and others.

Setting personal and professional goals

Just as Revland encourages travel healthcare professionals to clarify their personal and professional goals in order for her to match them with the best allied health careers, she also makes it a practice to set goals for herself.

“My most important personal goal is to be the best mom I can be, to my three-year-old son and especially when adding a new child to our family who’s due very soon,” Revland said. “My husband and I recently purchased our first home and there are things we’d like to do to update it. I’d like to get at least two goals checked off our list this year.”

Revland also wants to keep growing professionally at Med Travelers and would like to move up into a role with even more responsibility within the next two years. “I’ll be training for and working toward that goal this year,” she said.

Advice for those considering travel healthcare

For anyone investigating travel healthcare and wondering what an allied staffing agency can do for them, Revland suggests spending some time talking to a recruiter. Even those new to their field may find opportunities.

“Hospitals hire both tenured therapists and new graduates, as the experienced therapists are able to train the new graduates in what the facility needs,” she said.

Travel therapists and other allied healthcare travelers tend to be self-starters who can land on their feet, even when things don’t go according to plan, she said. And a loyal recruiter can help them find job opportunities that they wouldn’t have found on their own. “Some therapists work at prestigious hospitals like Stanford, UCLA and Johns Hopkin’s Medical Center, and these employers look good on a résumé.”

Flexibility is one of the most important traits that an allied traveler can have, especially starting out, Revland said. The key is to not be set on one particular setting or place. When you’re flexible you usually get the jobs you want and make more money while employed, she explained.

To find out more about travel healthcare opportunities with Med Travelers, contact Marissa by email or call her directly at (469) 524-1506, ext. 5544.

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