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Recruiter’s Relationships Central to Healthcare Staffing Career

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

Julia Stokes, senior recruiting manager at Med Travelers, an AMN Healthcare company, loves the variety and friendships that are the focal point of her healthcare staffing career.

She started with Med Travelers four-and-a-half years ago because she was drawn to the idea of connecting with people on a daily basis, and helping them find the right allied jobs.

Julia Stokes, senior recruiting manager at Med Travelers

“I love interacting with people and I like being a recruiter because you are the traveler’s go-to person, and there is also a lot of teamwork,” she explained. “I was attracted to being a recruiter because of the fact that I could help someone get across the country and make sure they have a successful assignment. There’s a lot of self-satisfaction in that, and it makes you feel so good knowing you were able to help them.”

After a career in new home sales and apartment management, Stokes was ready for a change and made the transition to become a recruiter with Med Travelers, the industry leader in connecting therapists, imaging professionals, lab techs and other healthcare professionals with top allied jobs.  After a series of promotions, Julia is enjoying her current leadership role that incorporates her favorite aspect of her healthcare staffing career: traveler interaction.

Building lasting relationships with travelers

“You really build longer relationships in this industry,” she said. “I have travelers who have been with me since day one, and it’s cool that you get to keep building on those relationships as well as the years go on.”

Stokes keeps her relationships with her allied travelers strong by visiting many of them in person at various industry conferences and events.

“The biggest thing for me is that a lot of my travelers are really good friends of mine now. They are people who I never would have met, who live in various places across the country.”

“These are long-lasting connections with people and it gives you the chance to really help people and further your relationships--that’s my favorite part about this job.”

As a proud mother of two young daughters, Stokes mentioned that her travelers would check in on her and ask to see photos after her youngest girl was born. When she is not working to find her travelers placements, she enjoys spending time with her family at sporting events and game nights.

Recruiters know healthcare staffing

Recruiters are essential to a successful allied travel experience because they are the problem solvers, Julia explained.

“We think outside the box and we take their wants and needs into account,” she said.  “I always say this and I know it’s kind of cheesy, but it’s really like they are the driver and we are the GPS. We help them get there safe and sound.”

“We have a lot of knowledge about the travel market in terms of locations and clients, and we can guide travelers on the best locations to go to, based on their specialty and practice setting, and find the top-paying jobs.”

One of Stoke’s travelers is an avid rock climber who only likes to take assignments where there are parks and areas where she can climb, so she always takes that into account when placing this traveler at a new assignment. If the roles were reversed, Stokes said her first choice for an assignment would be to either go to Alaska to see the Northern Lights or somewhere in Northern California, like Napa wine country.

Stokes advises her new travelers to get an idea of where they want to go in advance, so she can help guide their recruiter once they officially apply for travel with Med Travelers.

“Do your homework in advance and reach out to a recruiter and ask them about the licensing time frames and which territories have a high volume of jobs,” she said. “You need to connect with your recruiter, trust them and find one that matches your communication skills and personality, who also understands your wants and needs.”

Stokes is looking forward to the year ahead, and the chance to connect more allied travelers with the right allied jobs.  But she knows she’s not just helping them; her travelers have returned the favor and taught her some important life lessons, as well.

“My travelers are just so optimistic. They have kept me more positive than I’ve ever been and I’ve learned not to take anything for granted, and not to let the small things bother me.”


To learn more about Med Travelers’ healthcare staffing services or to find current allied jobs, give Julia a call at (469) 524-1506, ext. 5541, or contact her by email.

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