• Grow Your Speech Therapy Career and Fly South for the Winter

    Progress your speech therapy career and escape the long, cold winter by exploring the travel SLP jobs we offer in South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and many other balmy locales below the Mason-Dixon Line. Travel SLP Jobs North Carolina

    Southern hospitality is only part of the reason to take an SLP job in the South

    We offer travel SLP jobs in all 50 states – but there’s just something charming about the south. With a lower cost of living and a healthy speech language pathologist salary range of about $39 - $42 per hour, you’ll be able to bulk up that savings account or pay off more debt and student loans during your stint in the southern states.

    And with an all-around warmer climate, you’ll welcome plenty of beach days between Labor and Memorial Days. Visit Myrtle Beach and historic Charleston, South Carolina; the beautiful Outer Banks, North Carolina; the always-tepid Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi; the colorful New Orleans; Graceland…the list goes on.


    Why choose MedTravelers to pursue SLP travel jobs?

    The job market for allied health occupations is hot and getting hotter – and the speech language therapy career is no exception. Whether you’re looking for SLP jobs for new grads or you’re a seasoned professional, we offer speech therapy positions in a variety of settings, including acute, outpatient, home health, rehab – we even staff some school SLP jobs. Our career advisors are on hand at all times to ensure a successful journey and our licensing department will assist you in meeting all specific requirements for each of your assignments and, in addition to rewarding pay, you’ll receive 401k benefits, and full medical, dental and vision. So what are you waiting for, come on down y'all!SLP Jobs South Carolina






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