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Virtual Interviewing Tips

Allied Virtual Interview

By Kristina Ritter

Virtual interviewing tips help you stand out as a professional in digital settings like Skype. If you're searching the web for an allied travel job or health care position, incorporate these job interview tips to make a good impression online on potential employers.

Try our virtual interviewing tips to land an assignment that works for you when applying to allied health jobs at Med Travelers.


6 tips for virtual interviews

Many of the job interview tips you use in face-to-face meetings with potential employers also apply to virtual meetings and phone interviews.

1. Dress for an interview

"Virtual or not, dress as though you're going to the interview in person," says Adriana S. Llames, a certified master coach. A professional appearance puts you in the right mindset. Llames says it "increase[s] your confidence, poise [and] posture and comes across visually in the virtual interview."

2. Prep your voice

Voice preparation is one of the key virtual interviewing tips. "Drink warm liquids to soothe your throat," advises Dr. Nina Lum, Chief Quality Officer and Hospitalist at St. Joseph Hospital in London, KY. Alisha Powell, PhD, LCSW, says, "Sound cheery. Intentionally speak a bit higher than you usually do, and try to smile while you speak" to communicate a positive, energetic tone.

3. Use a microphone

"If an employer cannot hear you properly, it can put stress on the interview and make it more challenging to hear important information," says Julia Kuhn, MS CCC-SLP. The day of the interview, "check your connection and audio at least 30 minutes prior," she advises, so you have time to correct any issues.

4. Create a professional setting

Virtual interviewing tips from Kent State University recommend a well-lit background with plants and pictures while advising you to avoid messy bookshelves and sunlit windows.

"A small, carpeted room is ideal acoustically," says Kuhn. Remove all distractions, and choose a quiet time of day for the interview. Polish your on-screen setting, too, with a high-quality profile photo and professional account name.

5. Prepare your questions and answers

Research the employer beforehand, and show interest in the facility during the interview.

"Ask questions about the biggest challenge of the position," and "talk about your experience with the specialty," says Powell.

Dr. Lum encourages professionals to "prepare thoughtful questions as to how you will improve the organization." Also, "Don't be afraid to brag on yourself," says Powell. "Highlight being a team player and the fact that you're a quick learner."

Do not use a written cheat sheet, according to Forbes, because you make a better impression by facing forward, using eye contact and knowing the talking points well enough to discuss them with confidence.

6. Practice the virtual interviewing tips

Do a mock interview with a friend or family member to practice your job interview tips and to ensure that your equipment is working properly. Ask your role-play partner for an honest evaluation of your on-screen presence and communication. "Take their feedback seriously and adjust as appropriate," recommends Llames.


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