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The Truth about Caffeine for Allied Healthcare Travel Workers

Travel Jobs and Caffeine

The Truth about Caffeine for Allied Heathcare Travel Workers

By Tiffany Aller

Working in healthc are often involves long hours, a demanding pace or shifts that may not sync with a practitioner’s natural circadian rhythms. As a result, allied health professionals may see caffeine-infused beverages as a way to counteract their fatigue. Caffeine, especially when consumed in high quantities, can give workers in healthcare travel jobs a much-needed energy boost. Dependency on caffeine can also create health issues, however, including high blood pressure, dehydration and anxiety. Learn the truth about caffeine and how to safely address your on-the-job fatigue.

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Safe caffeine consumption

Caffeine, consumed in moderation, may not be as detrimental to your health as it was once thought to be. Dr. Donald Hensrud, writing for the Mayo Clinic, explains that studies have debunked fears that coffee consumption can lead to illnesses like cancer or heart disease. In fact, some of those study results seem to indicate that coffee may even lead to some health benefits, including improving cognitive abilities and limiting depression. That doesn’t mean it’s safe to consume vast quantities of coffee or other caffeinated beverages, however. Rather, the safest approach to caffeine consumption may be to limit yourself to a drink or two per day while avoiding high-caffeine drinks like espresso.

Caffeine and energy drinks

Energy drinks, like Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy, are very popular, but their ability to positively impact your tiredness or fatigue may not live up to the hype. According to MedlinePlus, while only limited studies have examined the full impact of this type of drink, the results of those studies indicate only a temporary experience of improved energy and endurance. Plus, energy drinks often contain a lot of sugar and many other ingredients whose impact has not be adequately studied. In limited consumption, these drinks might buy a short reprieve from your fatigue but fail to deliver long-term results.

Healthcare travel jobs and safe energy boosts

Caffeine may already be a part of your daily routine and can even be a necessity, especially for people who regularly battle headaches or migraines. Rather than ramping up your caffeine consumption to battle the fatigue you may experience while on assignment with healthcare travel jobs, use these ideas from Jeanette Kimszal, a registered dietician nutritionist, to safely increase your energy.

First, Kimszal recommends “adding foods rich in B vitamins to your diet. These include beans, legumes, meat, eggs, cheese, dark leafy green veggies, barley, millet, quinoa, avacados, bananas and citrus fruits.” The nutrients in these types of foods stimulate your cells to enhance energy production. Because B vitamins are water soluble, you need to include some in your diet daily.

Next, Kimszal advises that you address your energy lags with your physician. Through simple blood tests, your doctor can check to see if you might be deficient in certain vitamins or nutrients. That may lead to prescribed supplements that can help return your energy to higher levels.

Finally, Kimszal points out that caffeine, while it leads to short-term gains, “cannot be substituted for a good night’s rest.” Although you may work long hours or difficult shifts, it’s extremely important to set aside adequate time to sleep. Your doctor may also be able to help you with getting good rest, especially if you are scheduled to work shifts that have you sleeping at odd times your body may not readily embrace.

The bottom line is that caffeine, in moderation, may give you a boost, but improved eating and sleeping habits can be far more valuable to your energy levels over time.

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