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Travelers Find Love in California

California travel therapy

Travelers Find Love in California

Jeff and Stephanie Cavin shared an affinity for traveling that led to a love for each other. Jeff is a physical therapist from North Carolina, and Stephanie is an occupational therapist from South Florida. Traveling brought them together, and today they are married, practicing together in California, which they call one of their top assignment locations.

Brought together through traveling

Jeff started traveling in 2003 — his first assignment was his first job as a physical therapist upon graduation from PT school. He began with a travel organization that was later acquired by Med Travelers and has been with the company since. He's lived and worked in 10 states and has enjoyed the variety of experiences that traveling offers.

He said his recruiters have been integral to his staying a traveler with Med Travelers.

"My recruiters have been good to me," he said. "Kimberly Clayton is my and Stephanie's recruiter and she treats us well. It boils down to that personal touch. You can be in a corporate situation and be treated like a number, and I didn't think I would want that."

Stephanie started traveling in 2015 after working full-time for two years. During those two years, she ran into several travelers who shared their stories about exciting locations and wondrous adventures.

California travel therapy 2

“At first, I didn't think I would like it, because I'm such a homebody, but it was my friends that actually pushed me to do it,” Stephanie said. “One of the girls that I worked with told me about Jeff, who was in Monterey, California, at the time. She said that Jeff travels a lot, and you should talk to him.”

So Jeff and Stephanie connected. They talked and facetimed, and Stephanie built up the courage to give traveling a try.

“It turned out, my recruiter’s boss was Justin Meeks, who happened to be Jeff's recruiter,” Stephanie said. “My recruiter happened to go on maternity leave while I was still deciding where I wanted to go. I had all these ideas, and I was talking to Jeff, but I didn't really think of trying to go where he was. I was more interested in going somewhere else. I ended up speaking to Justin, and he suggested taking a travel contract with Jeff. The rest is history.”

When Stephanie told her full-time boss she was leaving for an assignment in California, he said, “You’re going to Monterey? I don’t think we’re going to see you again.”

Three years after arriving in California, Jeff and Stephanie were married and soon left on assignment to Hawaii.

California dreaming

After Hawaii, Stephanie wanted to go to San Diego, because it reminded her of being home in South Florida.

After some work at both ends, a position opened up, and Jeff and Stephanie started working for a home health company.

  California travel therapy 4

"California has unlimited opportunity," Jeff said. "No. 1, I found that you can get higher paying jobs than a lot of other states. No. 2, you have the ocean. You have mountains. You have a whole other country to the south of you. You have the desert. You have national parks. You have the ocean. You have snow. In Southern California, you can snowboard in the morning, and go surfing in the afternoon. Unlimited activities and things to explore. It offers so much adventure." 

Finally, Stephanie said traveling has not just been about locations. She credits traveling as how she was able to pay back her school loans, which she accomplished in only two years.

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