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Tips to Stay Organized as a School Therapist

Paperwork Organization Tips for School TherapistsFor school Therapists and Clinicians, the beginning of a new year can be an exciting and busy time. There are many people to meet and much to do—including determining new caseloads, scheduling, and IEPs.

So, it's important to start the new year ahead of the curve with your paperwork. To help you be your desk’s boss, we’ve compiled four paperwork and time management tips to keep organized—the key for a healthy work-life balance throughout the year.

1. Send Out a Welcome Letter:

By writing a proactive welcome letter that introduces you to the parents of your students you’ll save time later. Compose a form letter that you can send home to parents that fills them in on your therapy background and what your role will be in their child’s schooling.

2. Create an “IEP Due Date” Spreadsheet:

Spreadsheets can be your best friend when staying organized. To stay on top of your paperwork, be sure to include this information on yours:

  • Type of IEP Meeting
  • Whether or not you are the case manager
  • If it is an evaluation, include tentative dates for the Domain meeting
  • When you’ll be completing evaluations

From there, you can prioritize your calendar accordingly. By inputting these dates early, you’ll be able to start the year working ahead of schedule and will be able to budget your time during planning periods.

3. Build a Data Organization System:

Keeping all of your data organized in one place will help ease the process when writing progress and IEP reports. Keeping organized, one-sheet data also allows you to show parents or teachers how each student is progressing throughout the year.

4. Create Assessment Report Templates:

If spreadsheets are your best friends, then templates are your loyal sidekicks. Take the time to develop a template for each type of assessment, so that when you’re writing an evaluation report, you’ll have it handy.

The template should detail the assessment, the subtests, and how the scoring system works. You’ll not only be able to include consistent and quality information for parent/teacher education, but you’ll save time for yourself, too!

Bonus Tip! Schedule Some Time for Yourself Outside of Work!

Try to limit the work that you bring home by getting creative with your time before school and during lunch or planning periods.

You can then take advantage of your evenings by exploring the local area, hiking somewhere new, or simply catching up on your favorite show with a glass of wine. Investing in self-care will allow you to continue to show up to work fresh and ready to tackle all of that paperwork!

Staying on the ball with your scheduling and paperwork is going to be crucial for establishing a successful school year before the ring of the first bell. These tips have hopefully helped to get you started, but practice makes perfect!

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