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School-Based Therapy Jobs: Book Your 2019 Assignment Now

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School-Based Therapy Jobs: Book Your 2019 Assignment Now

By Tiffany Aller

School-based therapy jobs provide the stability you require due to ongoing need, the flexibility you crave through diverse locations and assignments, and the inherent challenge and reward that come from working with children. Opportunities are already posted for contracts spanning 2019, so therapists should begin reviewing and applying for assignments as early as possible. Proactively driving your career can help ensure that you secure the best match for your therapy expertise in the geographic area you most want to live and work within.


Longer-term appointments

While some travel and contract therapy positions may not last more than a handful of weeks or months, school-based therapy jobs may last an entire semester or even the full educational year. Pursue school-based positions to better secure your longer-term stability. Even with this longer-term commitment, you’ll still be able to reap the rewards of flexibility, so you have time to pursue your outside-of-work passions, continue your education or explore the area where the position is located. Plus, gain added peace of mind through your access to many opportunities after one placement ends. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the PT job market is growing at 28 percent, a much faster clip than many other professions. Other types of therapy jobs, including PTAs and COTAs, are growing at a similar speed as well.

Flexibility in practice

As a school-based PT, OT or SLP professional, you’ll get to reap the rewards of working in a flexible educational setting. You’ll have predefined hours that the school is open, nearly zero chance of enormous overtime burdens, most holidays off including longer breaks between semesters and moderate control over your workday and methodologies. Your work in a school setting enables you to see progress on a daily basis and help vulnerable young patients heal physically or learn the tools necessary to succeed in both academic and personal settings.

Generous compensation and amazing benefits

Depending on your therapy background and the types of services you provide, you can earn anywhere from $28 to $41.50 per hour. Plus, MedTravelers offers day one benefits, including health insurance, life insurance and liability insurance to protect your practice. If you accept an assignment in a faraway locale, you can also take advantage of either arranged housing provided by the company or a generous stipend to secure your own place. You’ll also get reimbursed for your travel to begin the assignment and have access to a retirement plan that will help protect your future needs.

Advance your career today

Booking your future school-based therapy jobs early will help ensure you get the best contract possible in a desirable location. Enjoy your flexibility to pursue varied contracts in the future while leaning on the reliability of longer-term employment now.

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