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School Based Therapy Jobs: Now's the Time to Plan Ahead

School based therapy jobsby Sarah Stasik

If you're ready for a new career opportunity, consider applying for school-based therapy jobs.

School travel therapy jobs let you change up the environment each year, so there's less change of tedium and burnout, and simply working in schools comes with great benefits. If you're excited by the benefits of school-based therapy jobs, check out the positions you can apply for via Med Travelers.


5 reasons to apply for school-based therapy jobs

1. Flexibility and unique, challenging work

Whether you're an OT or a speech pathologist, school-based therapy jobs offer a lot of flexibility. You can choose where you want to work and live — school systems across the country need qualified therapy professionals — and you can choose to work in elementary, middle or high schools.

The work itself is also more flexible than what you might experience in a clinical setting, and it can present an enjoyable challenge.

Megan Drumm, M.S. CCC-SLP, works at Stoughton Public Schools. She says, "a student could walk through my door with any type of disability, and I get to service them if they have an IEP. It keeps me constantly doing research for best practices and evidence-based therapy techniques and tools for a variety of disabilities and therapy areas."

2. Opportunity to work with kids in and out of the classroom

A school environment lets you work with kids outside of the immediate needs of a therapy session. "I also really love it because I get the opportunity to go in to classrooms and run whole class lessons," says Drumm. "It helps my students carry over their skills into the classroom, and since I can teach an entire classroom how to use strategies I am teaching my students, they don't feel singled out and are more likely to use the strategies on a daily basis."

3. Choose where you'd like to live and explore during the summer

School travel therapy jobs offer extra benefits, because you can live in exciting locations that lend to exploration during the summer months, when you're off. Therapy clinicians can even take temporary school-based jobs for the remaining of a school year when positions are available, setting themselves up in a prime area for adventure during the summer. Check out some of the best and cheapest places to travel during the summer and match your starting point with an end-of-school-year therapy job.

4. School-based therapy jobs let you see long-term results of your work

Whether you're on the job for a semester or sticking with your school travel therapy job all year, another perk is getting to see the results of your work.

Drumm says she loves working with teachers and students to reinforce strategies that work and understand what treatments aren't seeing results. "I also love working in schools," she says, "Because I get to see my students outside of my office and get to know them in other areas of their life. I can see them as the basketball star or the gymnast at recess, the beautiful singer during chorus, the incredible artist or the leader during student council meetings. I can then play to their strengths and promote generalization."

5. Excellent pay and access to free housing while on assignment

A final reason to seek a school travel therapy job is that the positions pay very well and you can take advantage of included housing while you're on assignment. That tends to be true for PT, OT and speech pathologists who opt for travel positions over traditional permanent jobs.


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