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The Benefits of Accepting a Social Worker Assignment in Nevada

Nevada travel social worker

The Benefits of Accepting a Social Worker Assignment in Nevada

By Lee Soren, Contributor

From the high-stakes excitement of Las Vegas to the quiet drama of its deserts, Nevada is a state that has many moods. For a travel social worker looking for a job in an exciting, overlooked locale, the Silver State may be an ideal destination. Here are five reasons why social workers should consider accepting a Nevada travel social work assignment.

1. Competitive wages

Although it should be noted that annual wages for social workers nationally can vary considerably depending on their area of specialty, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showing healthcare social workers earning an average of $15,000 more than those who specialize in individual and family services, wages in Nevada are among the most competitive in the nation.

Social Work Guide lists 2018 salaries for social workers in healthcare at more than $82,000, which is about more than $25,000 higher than the national average of $56,200. In fact, according to the Social Work Guide, Nevada's social workers bring in an average of about $8,000 more than the state's median household income.

For travel social workers, salaries are often even higher, as compensation can rise with high demand and an employer's expectations for rapid onboarding. In 2018/19, travel social workers earned an average of $29.00 to $34.00 per hour, depending on the job and its location.

2. Growing opportunities and job security

The U.S. Census Bureau identifies Nevada as one of the nation's fastest-growing states. As Nevada's population continues to grow and the overall U.S. population ages, social workers will find themselves in high demand, particularly in medical settings where patients may require assistance and advocacy with state agencies, insurance companies and long-term care facilities.

For travel social workers, this makes Nevada a good bet for prime positions, competitive salaries and the potential for the successful negotiation of better benefits.

3. Licensure by endorsement

Nevada offers the opportunity for licensure by endorsement to travel social workers and professionals who are moving permanently into the state. As long as you're licensed and in good standing in your other jurisdictions, you can get your state license without having to sit for the exam, according to the Social Work Guide.

Only minimal additional documentation is required for candidates who've held a valid social work license in another state for more than five years. Candidates who've had their license for less than five years need to show proof of board-approved supervised work experience.

4. Exciting outdoor recreation

Whether you prefer a hike through lush forestlands or exploring the stark beauty of a desert landscape, Nevada has a recreational opportunity that should appeal to you. By accepting a social worker assignment in Nevada, you open yourself up to some of the nation's more unusual outdoor experiences, including points of interest such as:

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: With its towering sandstone outcroppings and dramatic red-and-white-striped rocks, Red Rock Canyon offers visitors the chance to see some of the nation's most unique geology.
  • Lake Meade National Recreation Area: With 1.5 million acres of recreation area, this park boasts opportunities for hiking, fishing, water sports and plenty of photo ops.
  • Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument: For individuals interested in natural history, Tule Springs Fossil Beds has one of the largest concentrations of fossils in the United States.
  • Lake Tahoe: As the largest alpine lake in the United States, Lake Tahoe is the ideal place for those who love watersports. In the winter, the lake and its surrounding areas become a mecca for winter sports enthusiasts.

5. Las Vegas

When you think of Nevada, one city probably comes immediately to mind: Las Vegas. Social workers who accept a travel assignment in Nevada can enjoy day trips to Sin City. Whether you've always wanted to enter a high-stakes Poker tournament or you prefer to sit back and soak in the glitz and glamour of a Vegas show, a travel social work assignment in the Silver State may be the opportunity you've always wanted to court Lady Luck.

If you're eager to take your social work skills on the road, search for assignments in exciting destinations such as Nevada on Med Travelers' comprehensive jobs database.



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