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Meet Meaghan Watson, Senior Allied Healthcare Recruiter

Allied job recruiter, Meaghan Watson

By Doug Bennett, contributor

Med Travelers professional recruiter Meaghan Watson absolutely LOVES her job! Just two years into her role with Med Travelers, Watson says she very much enjoys living vicariously through her travelers and hearing all about their adventures.

“I love seeing them grow, not only in their careers, but in their personal lives as well. I do my best to give my travelers an experience they'll truly enjoy. I always want them to be excited to take on new assignments, so I work to ensure everything lines up and that they are as happy as they can be!”

After graduating with a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Texas Tech University, Meaghan worked for an oil and gas consulting firm for three and a half years before taking on her first job as a professional recruiter with Med Travelers. 

Meaghan says the idea of being a professional recruiter was initially scary for her, but her infectious enthusiasm, self-confidence and determination ultimately prevailed.

“I love taking on new challenges, so I was down to give it a go from the moment I found out about it.”

Building relationships and fulfilling dreams

Meaghan recruits for both physical therapy (PT) and imaging, respiratory, laboratory (IRL) clinicians. She describes getting to know her candidates and building relationships as the keys to her success.

“No matter how I come into contact with a new candidate, I always try to build a relationship as soon as possible. I want to get to know them—what they’ve done so far, where they want to go, where they see themselves in a couple years, if they have family or pets, and what they enjoy doing.”

After helping candidates perfect their profiles, Meaghan then takes a look at open jobs together with her clients, educating them on which jobs are better to target and why. 

“I keep them updated on our current submissions and continuously send them new jobs to see if they might be a good fit. After they do phone interviews for potential assignments, I ask them to tell me all about it—the good parts and the bad parts. This helps me learn more about what they are really looking for and hear how excited (or not) they are about a particular assignment. Assuming all went well and we end up accepting an offer, I continue to check in. I LOVE following along as they grow in their travel career and their personal lives!”

Helping Med Travelers realize their dreams

One of Meaghan’s biggest success stories was helping a couple realize their dream of exploring the West coast while working as physical therapists.

“I have a PT team that has been traveling on the West Coast for almost a year now. From the get-go they told me they wanted to travel up and down the West Coast in their RV—a goal of theirs for a while. It’s so cool to watch them grow as PTs, travelers, and even as a couple on their journey!”

Create trust through openness and honesty

Watson creates rapport with job seekers by being totally open and honest with them, as well as by thoroughly educating them on how the process works.

“My travelers have told me many times that they haven’t encountered another recruiter who explains things as much or as well as I do.”

So, what are some of Meaghan’s tips for potential Med Travelers job candidates—especially those who might be new to travel work?

“Be honest with your recruiter—we are here to help you out! The most successful travelers are the most open and flexible. The more open and flexible they are, the easier it is to get assignments and continue going from assignment to assignment.”

Meaghan says Med Travelers job candidates can also distinguish themselves by responding quickly to recruiter requests for information, e.g., resume, references, certifications. 

“That goes a very long way and will build rapport between yourself and your recruiter. We want to help you out as soon as we can, but to do that we do need information from you to make sure we make your profile look as perfect as possible.”

A healthy balance of discipline and relaxation

When not dedicating herself to finding the perfect travel work assignments for her Med Travelers, Meaghan enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs, competitive bodybuilding, going to music festivals, and traveling, including a recent exciting trip to Barcelona, Spain.

“My main goal outside of work is to improve my physique over time for competitive bodybuilding. I am currently in a very long building phase—working to move up to a new division. With my body type, it’s hard for me to put on muscle, so this is a really challenging goal that I am super excited about!”

Meaghan strikes a healthy balance between her work demands and personal life by keeping her focus “in the moment.” 

“If I am working—I am 100% working. If I am spending time with my husband—I am 100% spending time with my husband. If I am at the gym—I am 100% at the gym.” 

With that type of focus and resolve, it’s understandable how Watson has developed a client base of 35 Med Travelers in just two years on the job. 

“The same principles that have been a part of other goals in life—bodybuilding and other personal goals—are applicable to working toward my goals in the recruiter role as well.”

Challenge yourself to grow

When asked where she sees herself heading professionally over the next few years, Meaghan sees management in her future at Med Travelers, including eventually leading her own team.

“It’s new to me, and will be another new challenge that kind of scares me a little bit. But, getting uncomfortable is how you grow!”


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