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Home Health Travel Jobs: Benefits and Advantages

By Ed Lamb, Contributor


Home health travel jobs offer numerous opportunities if you want to work as an allied health professional. Statistics tell us that opportunities in this career choice are set to increase over time.

That expansion is already happening. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that these related home health travel careers staffed by Med Travelers were growing the most in 2016:

  • - Respiratory Therapists ↑19.7 percent
  • - Speech Language Pathologists ↑9.9 percent
  • - Occupational Therapists ↑4.5 percent
  • - Physical Therapists ↑3.3 percent

Many of these increases were due to home health positions.

Shari Dalton, founder and CEO of the travel health professional recruiter training firm Moxie Mentoring, noted, “There has been a recent emphasis on ambulatory care and home health services. With some reimbursements focused on patient satisfaction and readmissions, they want patients out of facilities and in their doctors' offices or homes where costs can be controlled and patients can receive more focused care."

“In addition, we have a rise in the elderly population who tend to feel more comfortable receiving care at home.”

The BLS projects all ambulatory health jobs to grow by 31 percent through 2026. Most cities and states will lack the homegrown resources to fill all their SLP, OT and PT positions which opens many doors for travelers interested in home health travel jobs.

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Pay, Adventure Top List of Benefits of Home Health Travel Jobs

Dalton advises her travel health recruiter trainees on several well-recognized benefits from accepting 13-week home health travel assignments in new localities.

“You have the opportunity to see the country, experience new practicing setting, meet and learn from talented colleagues, and usually make more money,” Dalton said.

She also asks recruiters to draw attention to the flexibility that taking a travel assignment affords health care professionals. Because the standard assignment lasts a little over three months, during which housing and relocation costs are covered, accepting home health travel jobs can allow travelers to take long breaks between jobs without experiencing financial difficulties.

Travelers also get to set their own itineraries without stressing over tight start dates. They can arrive in a dream city early to do the tourist thing, then stay over a week or more to fully enjoy new friendships.

Dalton did add one note of caution: “Traveling health care professionals need to understand that if they are going to be focused on a specific location to travel to, they need to be flexible on pay. And, if they are set on a specific pay package, then they’ve got to be flexible on location.”

“Yes, there are perfect jobs out there, but for the most part, travelers will benefit from being openminded and flexible.”

A Surprising Benefit From Home Health Travel Jobs: Quality Time With Family

Parents may shy away from home health travel jobs because they think traveling automatically means traveling alone. A 2016 survey of 4,800 nursing and allied health professionals dispels this myth. It revealed that 64 percent of respondents were mothers and more than a third of those mothers traveled or held per diem or contract assignments.

Several single mothers who work travel health jobs said they take their children on the road with them to expose them to cultural experiences and to help them develop skills in adapting to and overcoming challenges.

Dalton has seen this growing trend in family travel, mentioning several professionals who go to new assignments with a spouse, grandparent, or partner who provides childcare. They typically homeschool their children while on contract.

Family can mean much more than blood relatives, as well. As an example, Dalton mentioned the rise in travelers who hit the road in an RV and bring along friends and trusted colleagues as they move from position to position.

“It makes work like a permanent vacation,” she said.

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