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Full-Service State Licensure Services

As allied healthcare professionals prepare for travel assignments across state lines, the need to secure appropriate licensure becomes paramount. Since this process often involves time-consuming paperwork, Med Travelers has developed a streamlined system that makes state licensure completely painless for clinicians.

In fact, Med Travelers is unique in the travel healthcare industry in that they have created our own internal licensing department. Upon placement into a travel position, they handle all licensure issues for clinicians, ensuring that documents are handled in a timeframe that suits each travel schedule. Med Travelers also take cares of most licensing fees up front, translating into less paperwork and out-of-pocket expense (fees sometimes associated with licensing, such as passport photos, will be reimbursed).

Licensing requirements vary from state to state, so we’ve trained our licensure experts to be aware of exactly what is expected from each licensing board. Keep in mind that most state boards require:

  • An application
  • Documentation of medical education
  • National board certifications
  • Verification of licensure held in other states
  • Malpractice documentation

Some states also stipulate the need for fingerprinting, jurisprudence exams, clinical/personal references and employment verifications. Med Travelers will let you know what is necessary for your assignment, and make the appropriate arrangements.

While many boards require direct interaction with applicants, others specify that third parties complete verification forms and then return the documents directly. Either way, Med Travelers will collect and verify all required documentation, making sure it is accurate and that the correct materials are sent to the proper parties. “Our licensure professionals step in and complete this research on your behalf,” explained David Schmiesing, Divisional Vice President of Recruitment for Med Travelers. “And we make sure all verifications are confirmed. Throughout the process, we act as liaisons between clinicians, state medical boards and any third-party offices that are involved.”

If you are currently on assignment with Med Travelers, you are encouraged to plan ahead and speak to recruiters proactively about obtaining other state licenses for your next potential travel assignment. Meanwhile, should you decide to engage state licensing boards on your own, note that Med Travelers will still reimburse your fees once your assignment commences. Ask your recruiter for details.

“Once placed into a position, our licensing experts will navigate you through the entire process,” Med Travelers’ Schmiesing added. “We’re here to ensure that our clinicians are prepared, so that they can focus on what’s really important — advancing their career and providing excellent care to patients.”

Contact your Med Traveler recruiter in order to discuss the best way to get the cross-state licensing process underway. If you haven’t applied, consider doing so via Med Travelers’ quick online application process.

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