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Career Tips to Improve Your Healthcare Career Satisfaction

career satisfaction

By Tiffany Aller

Working in the healthcare field can be highly satisfying, calling into action all the skills you gained during your educational experiences as well as those tips and tricks learned on the job. No matter how much you enjoy a position when you first enter it, however, you may begin to experience symptoms of burnout and dissatisfaction over time.

Those feelings can even follow you from job to job if you don’t make important changes to your outlook and approach to life and work. To avoid this, incorporate these career tips as personal resolutions you can undertake to increase your career satisfaction.

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2 key career tips to improve career satisfaction

The experts have spoken and they agree: when you're dissatisfied with any portion of your career, it’s important to make hard-but-important personal changes to better enjoy your work. Here are two advanced career tips to help rescue your career satisfaction.

1. Learn more about your field

Whether you’re a clinician, therapist or nurse, you’ll always have the opportunity to learn more about both your field and the type of patients you help.

Dietician Tracy Brown, RD, LD/N, works with patients who are in recovery from eating disorders. She experienced frustration with the practice of giving patients ideal meal plans and believing that would be enough to change their compulsive food behaviors. Instead of letting that frustration impede her career satisfaction, she resolved to take advantage of learning opportunities.

Brown wanted to learn more about why her patients behaved in certain ways so she could customize how she provided dietary advice that would be more effective. She said “as a dietitian, it’s been a game changer to understand how to use all these different areas . . . to get to the heart of the matter more quickly for my clients. It’s been a win all around.” She’s more effective in her practice and happier at work.

2. Engage in volunteer opportunities

Healthcare can be an all-encompassing work field with the availability to suck up every possible hour of your time through overtime shifts and second jobs you work on a PRN basis. If you dive too deeply into your career, you may lose focus, perspective and engagement until work becomes a rote necessity that you drudge through without any of the enthusiasm and passion that brought you to healthcare in the first place. Rudeth Shaughnessy, the HR Director at Copy My Resume, recommends career-related volunteer work to be of benefit for finding joy in your career again.

“Volunteer work can be as simple as putting on clinics in local neighborhoods,” Shaughnessy says, “or as complex as traveling to distant continents to provide critical basic medical services.” Either way, these opportunities can help you to:

  • Expand your horizons
  • Increase your sense of professional fulfillment
  • Step outside your comfort zone
  • Broaden your network

As you evaluate the level of satisfaction you feel within your career, take the advice of these two experienced professionals to learn more and do more and you’ll be well on your way to falling back in love with working in healthcare.


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