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7 Physical Therapist Instagram Accounts for You to Follow

Instagram accounts for PTs

7 Physical Therapist Instagram Accounts for You to Follow

by Alana Luna, contributor

More than a billion people use Instagram every month. While it stands to reason that a good portion of those users are signing on to share photos of their kids or look at recipes from spatula-wielding super chefs, others are in pursuit of professional advancement and follow accounts full of valuable tidbits that are equal parts inspiration and education. If you're a PT or an OT looking for physical therapist Instagram accounts to follow, these seven should be at the top of your list.

American Physical Therapy Association (APTA): The "official" physical therapist Instagram account

There's not really an official Instagram account for physical therapists, but the feed run by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) comes close. Posts include political calls to action, important statistics regarding trends in PT, highlights from discussions with industry experts such as the physical therapist from Dancing with the Stars and success stories that showcase how transformative PT can truly be.

Modern Manual Therapy

Refine your craft with tips that go beyond actual therapy methodology and address other aspects of being a PT such as how to communicate with patients and why empathy is so important. There's more to physical therapy than manipulating muscle and teaching exercise. If you want to broaden your skill set, this account is a great place to start.

Occupational Therapy Humor

Some days, all you can do to cope with a slew of stressful clients or less-than-optimal outcomes is sit back and laugh. This account will help. Though the title suggests the content is geared toward OTs, pretty much any therapist (or any healthcare professional for that matter) will get a giggle from unique takes on the iconic SpongeBob meme and edgier jokes you'll be hard pressed not to print out and hang in the break room.

Achieve Fitness

While Achieve Fitness is technically a workout or gym account, its focus on exercise tutorials is useful for anyone — PTs included — who cares about the close ties between form and function. Videos packed full of tips for flattening your back or getting deeper squats can help professionals learn new ways to teach clients important moves, but the account also serves as an ongoing resource for former patients interested in continuing their education and recovery on their own time.

The Prehab Guys

Anyone who wants to understand the mechanics behind certain exercises will love how The Prehab Guys have laid out their posts. Each set of movement comes with a video demonstration, insight into the supporting science and a description that discusses why the exercise is important, what it can help and who might benefit. It's an incredible catalog of knowledge broken up into bite-sized pieces suitable for visual, reading/writing and auditory learners alike.

Dr. Bobby Esbrandt/Impact Sports PT

Watching professional athletes in motion is always exhilarating, but when those athletes are performing major feats post-surgery, those motions are particularly inspiring. See a Penn State women's lacrosse player navigate plyometric training after her meniscus surgery, and then watch Joseph Amoah, "Ghana's fastest man," work through his hamstring injury using hip extensions. What Impact Sports' posts lack in detailed explanations they more than make up for in sheer motivational power.

I Heart PT

The only thing better than one therapy-based meme account is two of them. I Heart PT ups the funny factor with hilarious takes on everyday situations that most (if not all) therapists will encounter during the course of their careers. Tech problems? Check. Self-deprecating humor? Check. Good-natured jests that poke fun at patients? Triple check. Checking in with these jokesters is a quick and easy way to start your shift or brighten up an otherwise iffy day.

A career in physical therapy can be incredibly rewarding, but it also requires never-ending dedication to education and improvement. Incorporate Instagram into your daily routine and you may just find yourself getting better at your job, one post at a time. Looking to put those new skills to use? Explore physical therapy jobs with Med Travelers and find your next opportunity.


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