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5 Great States That Have Adopted the Multi-state PT Compact License

PT compact 5 states

5 states where you can use your multi-state compact PT license

By Erin Wallace

The compact PT license, recently adopted by five U.S. states, allows eligible, licensed physical therapists to work in a compact state, other than their home state, without having to meet additional requirements or go through the usual licensure process for the remote state.

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1. Enjoy competitive pay in Oregon

Portland, Oregon, the largest city in the Beaver State, lures professionals with its high quality of life, strong economy, abundance of jobs and progressive lifestyle. PTs using their multistate PT license in Oregon can also expect to earn a decent salary, as licensed physical therapists make $85,380 per year on average.

2. Eat, hike, work in Tennessee

For country music fans or BBQ enthusiasts, Memphis, Tennessee, has some of the best pulled pork, ribs and other Memphis-style barbecue meats in the country. For hikers and nature lovers, there are plenty of waterfalls, rivers and mountains to explore. Those holding a multistate PT license in Tennessee will join 4,640 physical therapists employed in the state, and they make an average of $40.83/hour.

3. Use your multistate PT license in North Dakota

North Dakota has 47 licensed and certified general acute care hospitals where some licensed PTs can find employment, and many other private practices across the state employ physical therapists with the multistate PT license. This northern state ranked high on Kiplinger's list of tax-friendly states in 2018 — it has cut income taxes for several years in a row and property taxes are about average.

4. Fill the allied healthcare gap in Mississippi

Physical therapists living in nearby Tennessee can take advantage of their multistate compact license by hopping just south of the border into Mississippi. This state, full of friendly Southern hospitality, offers a combination of a rural lifestyle with big-city amenities close by. Only 1,720 PTs were currently employed in the state as of May 2017, so professional, licensed therapists may find that jobs are plentiful. PTs here earn an average of $88,270 annually, higher than the other states accepting a compact PT license.

5. Enjoy budget-friendly life in Missouri

Missouri is one of the most affordable states to live in the U.S., according to U.S. News and World Report, as the cost of living and food is lower than national averages. It's also northwest of Tennessee, another PT compact state, so a physical therapist living in Tennessee could make the move to Missouri and continue working under the same license. Missouri is also home to plenty of state parks and preserved nature areas. The Missouri State Fair has been a yearly staple in Sedalia, Missouri, since 1901.

Physical therapists with a multistate compact PT license can find plenty of job opportunities and great lifestyle options when they choose to practice in one of these five states.

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