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5 Great Apps for Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapy applications

5 Great Apps for Occupational Therapists

By Tiffany Aller

Mobile apps help occupational therapists practice their trade by making patient interactions easier, providing extra tools to use on the job and tracking patient progress through milestone identification.

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5 apps for OTs

Check out these five best apps for OTs to immediately boost your ability to help your patients while enabling you to achieve higher levels of success through those relationships. Whether you’re a new occupational therapist or OT assistant or you’re an experienced pro looking to move to the next level of therapy provided, these apps can be of great benefit.

1. Dexteria

Dexteria is one of the best apps for OTs because it’s a combination of apps that enhance your work with various patient demographics. Dexteria began its app releases with programs based on fine motor skills and has since expanded into programs that can assess current ability levels and suggest therapy modalities as a result. From math-based apps for kids to fine motor skill practice for all ages, Dexteria is one of the best brands of apps to enhance your practice. All apps are available through the iOS App store, with some also available on Android.

2. On Time Mobile Apps

An innovation of Dr. Frederick Covington, On Time Mobile Apps provides three different software solutions useful for occupational therapists. The flagship software, iOT Session, helps to address functional deficiencies OT patients may experience. iOT screener, the second app released by Dr. Covington, checks development against milestones to enable early OT interventions. This app suite’s final offering is Ask the OT, where therapists can look for topics explained by subject matter experts and also submit their own questions for response.

3. OT Spanish Guide

Mavro designed the Occupational Therapy Spanish Guide for both iOS and Android to enable non-Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals to capably converse with Spanish-speaking patients. This enables the language barrier to be eliminated and higher degrees of success to be experienced during the course of therapy.

4. CDC Milestone Tracker

The CDC developed its Milestone Tracker software for use by parents and pediatric healthcare professionals to examine and evaluate children and provide early interventions as a result. The milestone app is available for both Apple and Android and comes complete with photos and videos for easy identification of potential issues.

5. Occupational Therapy for Kids

The Occupational Therapy for Kids app, available on Apple’s iOS store, is among the best apps for OTs because of the wealth of information and guidance it provides for OTs who work in pediatrics. The app is based on animated flash cards to help children learn certain motions and exercises to advance their therapy and is designed to help the whole body.

Invest in these free and low-cost apps to enhance your occupational therapy career and you’ll enjoy better patient relations and optimized outcomes.


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