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4 Great Reasons to Choose School Based SLP Jobs

Teacher Working with Student in Travel SLP Job


Why School-Based Travel SLP Jobs are a Great Option

Did you know that over 50% of ASHA certified SLPs choose to work in school-based environments, assisting preschoolers, middle schoolers or high school aged students with articulation, comprehension, and more? 

Why school-based SLP jobs you might ask. Because there are a plethora of school-based jobs across the country, allowing certified SLPs to choose the dream location of their choice. But it’s not all about location, here are some other reasons why school SLP travel jobs might be an ideal choice for you.

1.) Work/Life Balance Matters: Oh, the Vacay Time 

When you choose school-based SLP jobs, you can find many options in schools that only work 9-10 months a year, giving you 2-3 months to invest in yourself and the things on your own bucket list. 

Whether you dream of traveling to a faraway land over summer vacation or spending all winter holidays with your loved ones, you can’t go wrong with the school schedule! And, with most schools done by 3 or 4 PM, you’ll have plenty of time to take a yoga class, go for a hike, indulge in another hobby or just relax and make dinner. 

School SLP Jobs and Openings

2.) School-Based SLPs Develop Transferrable Skills

If you’re looking to work with a variety of populations, then school-based SLP jobs are an ideal place to pack your resume with transferable skills. Under the IDEA law, each child has the right to a free and appropriate education. 

This means you’ll encounter a wide spectrum of diagnoses within one school district. One day, you may be working with medically fragile children, the next day, it could be general education students with articulation goals. Each of these populations helps you grow your resume in a way that looks great to hiring managers. 

To accomplish this, seek out SLP jobs/programs that give you access to a variety of school districts or with schools that have K-12 programs.


3.) SLPs in Schools Get to Collaborate with Other Service Providers

In school-based jobs, collaboration is key. Depending on the makeup of your caseload, you may be co-treating with Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, and more! 

Often, special education teams meet a few times a month to discuss the treatment and assessment of shared students. This allows for holistic treatment, collaboration and further opportunities for transdisciplinary professional growth that you may not see in other settings. 

You’ll not only be helping students, you’ll be gaining valuable experience working with other therapists, learning about their work, what their assessment goals are like, and how you can work together to make each student’s journey unique, successful and special.

4.) Enhancing Children’s Lives Through First-Hand SLP Instruction

Preschool SLP Jobs

This is a big one, helping children. Children do not learn in a one-size fits all technique. In school-based environments, SLPs get to be an advocate for students, helping them develop new strengths and implement new learning styles. You will not only be developing and educating students, you’re also in a great position to help teachers and parents understand new techniques and tactics that will help them be a bigger participant in helping their children or students reach their true potential.

School-based SLPs help shape the future of our workforce. They bring hope to children struggling in school and teach tolerance to peers. They wear many hats, utilize high-level clinical skills, and fulfill an irreplaceable spot on a multidisciplinary team. If you haven’t considered a school SLP job, we urge you to consider this amazing setting.

Med Travelers has lots of school-based travel jobs with a variety of age ranges, including preschool, middle school and high school. If you can imagine having 2-3 months off per year while being an amazing advocate for children of all ages, then you’ve got to try these amazing jobs. 

Learn more by completing your application from the link below. One of our experienced SLP recruiters will call you to answer any, and all, of your questions. Who knows, you could soon be working in the school district of your dreams. We’re here to help make it happen.


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