SLP Podcast Ep 42 – Special Education in Youth Corrections – Dr. Susan Lockwood Roberts, Ed.D.

March 29, 2021

In this episode, we had the opportunity to speak with a special guest, Dr. Susan Lockwood Roberts, Ed.D., about special education in the world of Youth Corrections. Dr. Lockwood Roberts reflected on her long career in Youth Corrections to unpack a variety of topics, including her work with the Correctional Education Association (CEA), a look at the current landscape in Youth Corrections Special Education, finding success when working with Youth Corrections children, and more.

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We Discuss

  • 0:00 An introduction to Dr. Lockwood Roberts and her career background
  • 10:33 The Correctional Education Association (CEA) and Dr. Lockwood Roberts’ role there
  • 20:46 A snapshot of special education conditions in Youth Corrections
  • 28:12 IEPs and learning disability diagnoses in Youth Corrections
  • 32:23 Qualifying for PT, OT, SLP, and other treatment services in Youth Corrections
  • 36:39 Mental health services in Youth Correctional facilities
  • 38:35 CEA’s partnership with NEXUS
  • 40:06 IDEA Law application to Youth Corrections
  • 47:36 Self-Care when working in Youth Corrections
  • 50:05 Success stories from working in Youth Corrections special education
  • 58:51 Suggestions for professionals looking to get involved with Youth Corrections

About Dr. Susan Lockwood Roberts, Ed.D.

Dr. Susan Lockwood Roberts retired from the Indiana Department of Correction in 2017, where she was the Director of Juvenile Education for twelve years. Prior to that, she taught in the public schools of central Indiana for seventeen years.

In addition to being the Past-President of the Executive Board of the Correctional Education Association, she has published numerous peer-reviewed research articles, along with a book, "Kicked to the Curb: Where Policy Has Failed Our Most Vulnerable Youth and the Fight for a Better Tomorrow." 

She is an adjunct faculty member at the School of Education at Indiana University, has served as a court-appointed expert for special education-related litigation, and has been an invited speaker at many states, national, and international events.  She currently owns Nexus Point Consulting and lives in Columbus, Indiana.

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