SLP Podcast Ep 40 – Teletherapy: 5 Ideas in 30 Minutes

March 1, 2021

In episode three of 5 Ideas in 30 Minutes, we discuss ideas for making teletherapy a more enriching experience for students. The ideas we discuss are both educational and interactive in nature, including show and tell, using Get Epic and Newsla, running a home scavenger hunt, and more.

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We Discuss

  • A farewell to Alyssa (00:49);
  • Introduction to teletherapy (05:13);
  • Idea #1: Show and Tell (06:09);
  • Idea #2: Set Expectations with Parents or Guardians (11:19);
  • Idea #3: Use Get Epic and Newsla (17:15);
  • Idea #4: The Parent Coaching Model (23:41);
  • Idea #5: Run a Home Scavenger Hunt (31:23);

About the Show

Produced by Jonathan Cary

Music and Editing by Aidan Dykes

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