SLP Podcast Ep 38 – Behavior Challenges: 5 Ideas in 30 Minutes

February 1, 2021

This episode marks the first installation of our 5 Ideas in 30 Minutes Series, where we discuss different topics that you can listen to on the fly! In our first edition, we discuss ideas for handling behavioral challenges with children—including motivator inventories, collaborative rule creation, periodically fading behavioral supports, and more.

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We Discuss

  • Introduction to the “5 Ideas in 30 Minutes” Series (00:57);
  • Idea #1: Motivator Inventory (03:02);
  • Idea #2: Create rules and regulations together with your students (07:44);
  • Idea #3: Plan on fading behavioral supports over time (12:23);
  • Idea #4: Schedule individual check-ins with students (18:47);
  • Idea #5: Give your students a job to do (23:37);

About the Show

Produced by Jonathan Cary

Music and Editing by Aidan Dykes

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