SLP Podcast Ep 28 – Self-Care Tips for Work From Home Clinicians

September 14, 2020

Join us for this special episode, where we discuss an all-important issue for clinicians who are working from home—self-care! Sharing from their own experiences, our hosts provide some helpful tips to help you out during this unprecedented situation, addressing time management, comfort, working with family at home, and more.

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We Discuss

  • Introduction and the importance of self-care (00:31);
  • Tip #1: Deciding your boundaries with time (03:02);
  • Tip #2: Finding your comfort zone (08:00);
  • Tip #3: Nourishing your soul during the workday (13:00);
  • Working with family at home (18:19);
  • Tip #4: Creating family boundaries (19:49);
  • Tip #5: Building in breaks for yourself (21:34);
  • Tip #6: Creating family rules (22:00);
  • Tip #7: Giving yourself grace (23:12);
  • Tip #8: Creating spatial boundaries with your materials (27:40);

About the Show

Produced by Jonathan Cary

Music and Editing by Aidan Dykes

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