SLP Podcast Ep 26 – Achieving Financial Independence Through Travel Therapy – Whitney Eakin, PT, DPT, ATC & Jared Casazza, PT, DPT

August 17, 2020

Tune in to this week’s episode where our special guests, Whitney Eakin, PT, ATC, and Jared Casazza, PT, DPT, get serious about saving money as travel therapists. Using their own experiences from traveling for the past 5 years, Whitney and Jared share their perspective on picking assignments together, budgeting to save more early in a travel career, the burgeoning financial independence movement, and much more.

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We Discuss

  • Host introductions of Whitney and Jared and their backgrounds (00:56);
  • Whitney and Jared’s past settings, locations, and challenges traveling together (05:01);
  • Comparing the cost of living between settings (14:45);
  • What it means to be semi-retired and financial independent (16:15);
  • How to budget for maximum savings (23:35);
  • Budgeting income after savings (33:41);
  • Planning trips and budgeting time throughout the year (35:04);
  • Final thoughts and advice for financially conscious therapists (43:46);

About Whitney Eakin, PT, DPT, ATC, and Jared Casazza, PT, DPT

Whitney and Jared are both Doctors of Physical Therapy who have been working as Traveling Physical Therapists for over 5 years since they were new grads in 2015. They both have used their travel therapy careers to pursue financial independence and transition to what they consider “semi-retirement.”

After 3 years of working full time, they now only work 3-6 months per year, while taking off the rest of the year to travel for fun and pursue other interests. They mentor and educate current and aspiring travel therapists via their online business, Travel Therapy Mentor, and write about their own travels and financial pursuits on their personal blog, Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist.

Where to Find Them:

Instagram: @traveltherapymentor


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