SLP Podcast Ep 25 – Would You Rather – Teletherapy Edition

August 3, 2020

In this week’s episode, we wanted to have a little fun and do something different for our listeners. Instead of a typical guest interview about life as an SLP, we played a game of Would You Rather: Teletherapy Edition. During the course of the game, we discussed hypothetical real-world situations teletherapists might encounter, some whackier examples to stump our hosts, and even brought in a special guest to answer at the end!

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We Discuss

  • Which game would you choose to use on a desert island? (02:03);
  • Which prop material would you use exclusively for an entire school year? (04:33);
  • With a million dollars, what one resource would you invest in? (06:57);
  • Which type of parent involvement would you prefer during a year of teletherapy? (09:05);
  • Which background distraction would you rather experience during a session? (12:56);
  • What difficult dynamic would you rather have during a small group session? (16:37);
  • Which technical difficulty would you rather experience during a day of sessions? (21:27);
  • Would you rather with special guest Jonathan Cary (28:00);

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