SLP Podcast Ep 17 – Volunteering as an SLP Abroad – Kendra Burmeister MA, CCC-SLP

January 21, 2020

In this episode, we talk with Kendra Burmeister about her experience volunteering as an SLP abroad. We discuss how she decided which organization to volunteer with, how she prepared to depart, what her biggest challenges were, her advice to other speech pathologists who want to volunteer abroad, and much more!

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About Kendra Burmeister MA, CCC-SLP

Kendra is a bilingual speech-language pathologist with a special interest in the diagnostics and treatment of language impairment and speech sound disorders in young children. After working with bilingual students in the Chicago, Illinois area she spent 14 months as a volunteer speech-language pathologist in the Dominican Republic.

Kendra currently works as an Early Intervention service provider in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In addition to her passion for supporting bilingual families, Kendra enjoys weekend trips to Lake Michigan, trying new hobbies, and attempting to not fall behind in book club.

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