SLP Podcast Ep 11 – Working as an International SLP – Kerri Mannion MS, CCC-SLP

October 28, 2019

In this episode, we talk with Kerri Mannion MS, CCC-SLP about her experience working around the world as an SLP, the licensing/visa process, lessons she learned working abroad, how people can get started, and much more!

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About Kerri Mannion MS, CCC-SLP

Kerri Mannion has been working as a speech therapist for over 13 years. The majority of her career has been overseas. Initially, she worked in acute care with adults in South Australia after obtaining a work and holiday visa. Then she was able to gain contracts through the US government and work on military bases overseas in the Marshall Islands and Germany with school-age youth for over ten years.

She has been lucky in that her caseloads have always been primarily English speaking despite being in a foreign country. Her career interests include phonology, dyslexia, play-based therapy, and pragmatic communication. Personal interests are walking streets in new places and photographing international cats. She now currently resides in Arizona with her son and husband and is pursuing more local contract work.

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