I Need (Travel) Therapy Ep 33 - Next Stop: Travel Therapy in Arizona - Lindsey Moore, PT, DPT

March 8, 2021

In this edition of Next Stop: Travel Therapy, we spoke with a very special guest, Lindsey Moore PT, DPT, about her experience working in Arizona. This being her sixth assignment as a traveler, Lindsey had a lot to share about her current home, including the culture and community, finding housing, can’t miss sights and food, and more. 

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We Discuss

  • An introduction to Lindsey and her PT background (00:49);
  • What drew Lindsey to work in Arizona (06:06);
  • The culture and community in Arizona (09:54);
  • Typical Arizona weather (12:42);
  • Finding housing in Arizona (16:00);
  • Arizona packing essentials (21:17);
  • Meeting new people in Arizona (23:07);
  • Can’t miss Arizona activities and sights (26:03);
  • Popular Arizona cuisine (32:56);
  • Parting advice for potential Arizona travelers (35:15);

About Elyse Rucker MS, CF-SLP

Lindsey is a travel PT from Cincinnati, Ohio, who is currently on her 6th assignment in Kingman, Arizona. She has also done assignments in Louisiana, Alabama, and California. She attended The University of Cincinnati for her undergraduate degree and Mount St. Joseph University for her DPT degree.

Lindsey loves to travel, hike and explore the outdoors every chance she gets. To follow Lindsey on her travel PT adventures, make sure to check out her Instagram page!

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