Ep. 43 – Financial Independence & Traveling as a Pair - Whitney Eakin, PT, DPT, ATC & Jared Casazza, PT, DPT

July 26, 2021

On this episode, we sat down with a travel therapy dynamic duo to talk about traveling as a pair and achieving financial independence. Special guests, Whitney Eakin, PT, DPT, ATC, and Jared Casazza, PT, DPT, brought us through their travel therapy journey from the start, sharing their insights into approaching assignments as a travel pair, budgeting goals for financial freedom, taking advantage of time off between assignments, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Show introduction and Whitney’s & Jared’s travel therapy background
  • (2:06) Approaching assignments as a travel therapy pair
  • (9:48) Collaborative planning as a travel therapy pair
  • (12:52) The pros and cons of working together as a travel therapy pair
  • (15:33) Benefits and challenges of traveling as a pair
  • (23:17) Advice for other travel therapy pairs
  • (29:01) Approaching finances as a travel therapist 
  • (33:49) Budgeting goals for financial freedom
  • (39:11) Financial planning as a part-time travel therapist
  • (42:52) Taking advantage of free time between assignments
  • (50:22) Whitney’s & Jared’s company, Travel Therapy Mentor

About Whitney Eakin, PT, DPT, ATC & Jared Casazza, PT, DPT

Jared Casazza and Whitney Eakin are a traveling physical therapist couple who have maximized their careers as Travel PTs to achieve financial independence and travel the world! Their many adventures since beginning their travel journey as new grad PTs in 2015 have included: traveling to 46 US states, living the full-time RV life for several years, visiting over half of the US National Parks, and exploring over 30 countries internationally. They are currently located in Hawaii for a dream Travel PT contract. Via their online business, Travel Therapy Mentor, they’ve mentored and educated thousands of clinicians and students to help them pursue their own travel healthcare careers, achieve financial freedom, and create lifestyles of their dreams.

To keep up with Whitney and Jared and contact them for help in your travel therapy career, find them on:

About the Show

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Assistant Producer – Katie Schrauben
Show Notes – Sam MacKay
Music & Editing - Aidan Dykes

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