Ep. 42 – Alaska Adventures & What to Know About Home Health - Dr. Borna Eric Habibi, PT, DPT

July 12, 2021

On this episode, we had an amazing conversation with a travel PT who is currently on assignment in Anchorage, Alaska. Our special guest, Dr. Borna Eric Habibi, PT, DPT, shared his travel therapy journey from his home state of Texas to the far reaches of the northwest United States—detailing the drastic lifestyle changes from a big city to a remote location, what life is like working in the home health setting, the positive impact of home health on therapists and patients, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Show introduction and Eric’s travel career background
  • (9:20) Moving from Texas to Alaska  
  • (12:44) Adjusting to Alaskan culture
  • (23:32) Eric’s earthquake experience in Alaska
  • (31:58) Working in a home health setting
  • (37:03) The difficulty of getting a home health job
  • (39:14) Advice for therapists looking to break into home health
  • (41:49) The positive impact of home health
  • (46:21) Home health success stories
  • (55:13) Challenges of home health
  • (1:02:00) What to look for in a travel company as a home health therapist

About Dr. Borna Eric Habibi, PT, DPT

Eric is Canadian-born but grew up in Texas, spending much of his life in his home state. He has been a travel PT for three years and is currently on a home health assignment in Anchorage, Alaska. Outside of his work, Eric loves hiking, being outdoors, and making music! To check out more of Eric’s Alaskan adventures, follow him on Instagram!

About the Show

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