Ep. 41 – The Best Way to Explore National Parks While Traveling - Karlee Valley, DPT

June 28, 2021

On this episode, we took a tour of America’s national parks with one of our very own Med Travelers PTs! Special guest, Karlee Valley, DPT, brought us along on her journey to explore every single park—offering incredible insights into hiking and camping, her three favorite parks (so far), where she’s off to next, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Show introduction and Karlee’s travel career background
  • (9:42) Karlee’s flood experience while living in a camper
  • (15:05) Finding travel work during COVID
  • (16:35) Exploring national parks during COVID
  • (19:50) Karlee’s favorite national parks
  • (20:42) Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • (23:48) Finding camping around national parks
  • (28:21) Hiking & Sightseeing in Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • (33:27) Sequoia National Park
  • (46:26) Channel Islands National Park
  • (56:31) Packing essentials for the Channel Islands
  • (58:55) Commemorating each national park visit
  • (01:01:06) Karlee’s next national park visits

About Karlee Valley, DPT

Karlee is a travel PT, currently in Juneau, Alaska, and originally from Michigan. She travels alongside her fiancé, Ian, who is also a PT. She has taken assignments in Arizona, California, and Alaska. She spends the majority of her time road-tripping and outdoors, exploring the extensive national park system throughout the US. To keep track of Karlee’s amazing adventures, be sure to follow her on Instagram!

About the Show

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Show Notes – Sam MacKay
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