Ep. 49 - Airstream Traveling & Northern California - Hannah Norton, DPT & Ryley Norton, DPT

November 1, 2021

On this episode, we got to talk with the traveling Nortons about their experiences renovating and living in an Airstream and exploring Northern California. Special guests, Hannah Norton, DPT, and Ryley Norton, DPT, shared the inspiration behind building out an old Airstream for travel therapy, the advantages and disadvantages of living in a mobile home, travel therapy in Northern California, and more.

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We Discuss

  • (0:00) Show introduction and Hannah’s and Ryley’s career backgrounds
  • (3:45) Hannah’s and Ryley’s initial draw to travel therapy
  • (5:50) The Norton’s first travel assignment in Georgia
  • (9:38) Deciding to renovate an airstream
  • (15:33) Advantages and disadvantages of traveling in an Airstream
  • (28:13) Travel therapy in Northern California
  • (34:43) Activities to do in Northern California

About Hannah Norton, DPT & Ryley Norton, DPT

Ryley and Hannah are both physical therapists who have recently transitioned from travel therapy life to permanent positions in northern California. They live in a travel trailer with their dog and love to travel to new places to hike and explore on the weekends. To follow Hannah and Ryley on their future adventures, check them out on Instagram!

About the Show

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Assistant Producers – Katie Schrauben & Sam MacKay
Music & Editing - Aidan Dykes

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