I Need (Travel) Therapy Ep 37 – How to Successfully Work in a Hybrid Learning Environment – Emily Marshall MS, CCC-SLP

May 3, 2021

On this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with one of our own AMN travelers, special guest Emily Marshall MS, CCC-SLP, about working in a hybrid learning environment. Emily spoke to her experience working with children ages 3-5, discussing her transition from in-person to hybrid speech therapy, building virtual skills and rapport with clients, self-care during stressful times, and more.

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We Discuss

  • 0:33 Introduction to Emily and her career background
  • 1:47 Emily’s experience conducting speech therapy during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • 4:09 Transitioning from in-person to hybrid learning
  • 9:06 Adapting treatment to engage early intervention patients
  • 13:09 The biggest challenges for hybrid speech therapy
  • 17:31 Building virtual skills for hybrid learning
  • 21:41 Speech therapy with families from different cultural backgrounds
  • 26:03 Success stories from working in a hybrid learning environment
  • 28:25 Self-care during stressful times
  • 31:54 Advice for therapists transitioning to a hybrid learning environment
  • 35:20 Forecasting the learning environment for next year

About Emily Marshall MS, CCC-SLP

Emily graduated from the College of St. Rose in Albany, NY in 2018 and immediately moved to Oregon for her clinical fellowship. After completing her CF, she took time off to travel around the west coast before completing a school-age assignment in Washington State. Emily then took more time off to travel abroad and returned back to Oregon last March, where she has been ever since, working in Early Childhood Special Education doing virtual (and now hybrid) services.

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