I Need (Travel) Therapy Ep 25 – Meeting New People While on Assignment - Tori Heckendorn, DPT and Devin Reilley, DPT

November 16, 2020

On this week’s episode, we got to speak with a travel PT dynamic duo, Tori Heckendorn PT, DPT, and Devin Reilley PT, DPT, about traveling together and meeting new people while on assignment in a new place. Calling on their four years of experience as travel PTs, Tori and Devin share their insights on homesickness, making new connections in a new city, being social while socially distancing during COVID-19, and more.


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We Discuss

    • Introductions to Tori and Devin and their backgrounds as PTs (00:50);
    • Tori’s and Devin’s previous travel assignment locations and settings (05:39);
    • Experience homesickness during travel assignments (10:00);
    • Handling the holidays during an assignment (14:06);
    • Ways to make connections in a new city (17:14);
    • Using Meet Up to find people with common interests (22:44);
    • Suggestions for meeting people in more rural areas (26:09);
    • Using Bumble BFF to meet new friends (29:10);
    • Being social while social distancing during COVID-19 (32:25);

About Tori Heckendorn PT, DPT & Devin Reilley PT, DPT

Tori and Devin have been traveling physical therapists for the last 4 years. They are from New Jersey and have traveled to Arizona, Maine, South Carolina, Massachusetts, North Carolina, California, Washington, and Colorado. They are currently on their tenth travel assignment and love being able to combine their careers as physical therapists with their passion for travel.

Their hobbies include National Parks, hiking to state high points, running, skiing, and craft beer. The hardest part of travel is leaving behind amazing friends made in each state, but this gives them more reason to go back and visit! Check out their travel therapy Instagram at Point of View Travel PT, named in honor of their 2 German shorthair pointers.

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